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The Endocrine System: The Music of the Body

The endocrine system enables the body to maintain a state of balance or equilibrium. It does so by causing adjustments in the normal cellular functions, processes and rhythms so they operate in harmony. Music is the organized rhythmic harmonic sounds that creatures consciously produce. They perceive it, appreciate it and respond to it. On the strength of these truths, the endocrine system is the music of the body. And the orchestra plays on.

The endocrine system is a symphony of glands and the hormones that produce and release into the bloodstream. The orchestra is the sum total of the activities of the endocrine system and the cells, tissues and organs it effects. And the orchestra plays on.

The theater is the body – with its skeletal frame – and walls and roof of skin, muscle, sinews, and other connective tissue in between. The price of admission is birth. The performance is continuous and non-stop – for the orchestra plays on.

The players on instruments are the endocrine glands themselves. Their music is the hormones they secrete. The maestro of this biological orchestra is the hypothalamus of the brain. Its numerous receptors are the ears sensing the musical flow. Its many transmitted electrical and hormonal cues control the production and release of hormones by the glands much like the movements of the conductor direct the actions of the players on instruments. The hormones in turn evoke responses by the cells, tissues, and oranges much like music induces emotional responses in its listeners. And the orchestra plays on.

Endocrine glands also respond to conditions within the body much like players on instruments respond to conditions within the theater. It may be applause, lack of it, lighting, temperature, etc. Positive conditions heighten the performance and negative conditions might dampen it. Similar conditions in the body which disturb the body's equilibrium cause changes in the secretion of hormones affected by those conditions. Some examples are an abnormal blood sugar level, pregnancy, fluid deficiency, mineral imbalance, etc.

The audience of this symphony is the cells, tissues and organs of the body that respond to the hormones. The emotional responses of the audience are the changes in the bodily functions and processes in response to the hormones. The ears of the audience which govern the discrimination and appreciation of the overtones and harmonics of the symphony are the receptors on the cells and tissues. For it is the stimulation of those receptors by the hormones which evoke biological responses much like the music of an orchestra provokes emotional responses in its listeners. And the orchestra plays on.

The metaphor ends though with the realization that we do not carefully produce or orchestrate the music of our nonstop silent biological symphony. Neither do we consciously service it or maintain it. But yet, the orchestra plays on.

Source by Victor E. Battles, MD

Ways to Make Your Penis Rock Hard Without Drugs

A lot of men struggle to achieve or maintain a rock solid erection. This condition is defined as erectile dysfunction and can leave a man incapable of having satisfactory intercourse with a woman.

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think. In US alone, 18 million men over the age of 20, suffer with erectile dysfunction to some degree.

Viagra is the most anti impotence drug that was launched almost two decades back. It’s apt to say that it completely changed the face of male enhancement industry. The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil citrate that can help you attain a rock solid erection by increasing nitric oxide production in your body.

Nitric oxide helps blood vessels relax and dilate so that more blood can flow into the erectile tissue and make your penis hard and rigid in the process.

It is usually taken 30-60 minutes before having sex.

Though Viagra and other similar drugs Cialis and Levitra are quite effective, they have become infamous for their adverse side effects.

Some of the side effects of such drugs include severe headache, upset stomach and loose stools, vision and hearing changes, heart strokes and even premature death. Such drugs are extremely dangerous for men who have a heart condition or suffer with high blood pressure.

However, these drugs are not the only way to get harder erections.

Here are some simple and easy ways to make your penis rock hard without ever using drugs:

1. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to increase blood circulation in your body. It is highly effective in reducing cholesterol too. A regular workout can reduce excess fat and unclog arteries to boost blood circulation.

Your waistline is a typical indicator of how much body fat your carry in your body. Men whose waist is more than 34 inches, are more prone to erectile dysfunction. Thus, if your waist is more than 34 inches, it’s time to hit the gym.

Apart from this, Jelqs are some penis exercises that are highly effective in increasing blood flow to your penis. These exercises are very simple to perform and can also help increase the size of your penis.

A jelq is performed by gripping the base of your penis between thumb and index finger of your one hand and running it down the length of the shaft slowly. Typically, this movement should take around two seconds.

A typical jelq routine takes around 15-20 minutes a day. There are a lot of free exercise videos that you can download online to find out how Jelqs are performed.

2. Try Some Herbs

Certain herbs are excellent for improving sexual function in men. Such herbs have been used for hundreds of years in China and India for safe and effective male enhancement.

It’s not surprising that both these countries have such a large population.

Some of the most effective herbs include ginseng, ginkgo biloba, muira pauma, tribulus terrestris, tongat ali or long jack, catuaba, hawthorn, shilajit, etc.

These herbs boost blood flow to the penis without affecting your blood pressure. Yet another benefit is that they can help boost your staying power. However, this is a benefit that comes with regular use.

3. Try Natural Penis Pills

Though it is not possible to have all the above mentioned herbs individually, you can try herbal penis pills that contain herbal extracts in the right proportion so that you can achieve rock solid erections.

Such pills also help boost testosterone production in your body. This helps increasing your semen production and sperm count too.

Such pills are a great option to treat erectile dysfunction, whether it results from physical or emotional issues.

Top of the line pills do not have negative side effects and come with rare ingredients like pomegranate ellagic acid and Bioperine to ensure faster results.

So, if you want to get instant and harder erections, check out the most powerful penis pills that have been getting outstanding user reviews.

Source by Matt Spears

What Valentine's Day is About

The origin of Valentine's Day is somewhat obscure, but is a holiday dating back to the Middle Ages having its connections to early Catholic saints. Some of us have fond memories associated with this now very popular holiday, and others have memories that would like to forget. Regardless, it's a day set to demonstrate love and affection for the ones we adore. While the day is valuable and fun to celebrate for many, all of us could benefit by putting additional effort into the other 364 days of the year!

By focusing on loving your partner on a daily basis, your relationship has a much better chance of being healthy and vibrant. Below is a sampling of what you can do on Valentine's Day – and every day – to show your partner you care. Compliment one another. Take time to make note of the small – and big – things you appreciate about your partner. Too often, we focus on the negative. Take interest in your partner. This means asking about their day and what is important to your significant other even if it does not seem all that important to you! Your partner will feel more cared about and valued. Plan an outing.

This can be a fun and inexpensive way to introduce change and spontaneity into the relationship. A hike? Bicycle ride? Day at the river? A picnic? Skydiving? Give surprises. A great way to show your partner you care and help them feel loved and appreciated is through small but powerful gestures. A note in the lunchbox, notes on the 'fridge, a card for no special reason, flowers, a homemade dinner, a cleaned up house, a candle lit bath, a massage … anything from the heart you think your partner will enjoy ! Dance with your partner. When is the last time you turned the lights down and danced in your own living room? Have a regular date night. Take turns planning a date and make it part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine. Do not let everything else in your schedule during the week take priority over your relationship. Leave with a kiss.

Remember to say "I love you". Having just suggested some proactive ways to positively influence your relationship, here are a few romance-busters to try and avoid at all costs. It's crucial to focus on the positive, but just as important to rid your relationship of the communication and behavioral dynamics that foster distance, resentment, and hurt. Here are a few. Do not blame, criticizeize, defend or shut down in response to your partner. For every one negative comment, it takes an average of ten positive statements to return to status quo. This can add up quickly and a lot of damage can take place in one reckless argument. Do not focus on what you feel your partner did wrong. Instead, verbalize what you feel and what you want from them. More often than not, an individual makes the issue about the other person (which will certainly start a debate or conflict) but a more effective approach is to focus on your feelings – they are much harder to argument with!

For example, instead of saying, "why are you late? You're always late! Now you've messed up the night!" Say something along the lines of, "I'm really frustrated and disappointed because you're late. Do not debate when angry. When you do not know your limits related to anger, you will often stay in a situation too long and say things you regret later and hurt your partner. Talk about what a time-out will look like for the two of you (removing yourself from the discussion and situation when you are getting too upset) and utilize it as you discussed. Using the above suggestions will not necessarily guard your relationship from all discord and conflict, but it can make a good relationship better and a struggling one stand a much better chance. So, greet your partner this Valentine's Day with a special surprise up your sleeve and try and take the time to treat them with the same loving care the whole year through!

Source by Sylvia Flanagan

A Secret to Improving Pushups

Everyone that trains at some point has done or still does pushups to some degree. The problem is most people really do not work very hard at getting better at pushups. Pushups are usually done to warm up or cool down at the end of a workout.

A lot of people do not give the pushup a lot of respect and for what it can and will do for the body. I know that I have done well over a million pushups in my over thirty years of training. In those thirty years of training and doing pushups I would always try and figure out the best way to improve the number of pushups I could do.

I tried every possible way of trying to increase my numbers and there was never any type of information on improving the number of pushups. I thought and tried to figure it out. One way I thought of increasing the number was to do a lot of bench pressing at the time I thought it was almost the same movement and of course I found something could be farther from the truth.

So bench pressing did not help me. I figured I needed to improve my endurance because doing pushups got me breathing heavy to fast which slowed me down. Distance running did not help me.

The first time I did a lot of pushups in one workout was when I was a senior in high school when I did 1,200 pushups in 1 hour. But I still could not figure out how I should train for improving my pushups, including doing pushups.

Then I got talked up to the experts talking about resting and letting the body rest and do not over train no wonder I was not getting any better, it was because I was not doing enough.

The two secrets that changed the number of pushups I could do was having a functionally stronger body and training with short intestinal exercises like sprints, jumping rope, burpees etc.

Training this way allowed my body to get used to training without oxygen (anaerobic) not with oxygen (aerobic). Weight training and distance running requires training the anaerobic system. Sprints, jumping rope, burpees, pushups require training the anaerobic system to really excel.

Men in Military, state police, mixed martial arts and martial arts have all benefited from this type of training for improving their pushups.

Training fast and explosive will strengthen your body and give you the strength and conditioning to improve your pushup numbers farther than you ever thought possible.

Source by Johnny Grube

Herpes in the Mouth – What Can I Do?

Anyone who has ever suffered from this condition understands that herpes in the mouth or around the mouth can be extremely painful and contagious.

If you are one of the thousands of people who are suffering from herpes in the mouth, then you will want to read this article as we are going to provide you with some great information that will help you better understand what you can do to get Rid of those painful cold sores.

First of all regardless of what anyone tells you, there are some things that you can begin doing to help you overcome this problem. Here are some proven things that you can begin doing to help you get rid of herpes in the mouth.

1. Magnesium and Calcium: Most of us do not eat enough of these two supplements in our diet. Statistics show that these two supplements will keep the body's natural PH balance and this alone can fight off those nasty cold sores.

2. Beta Carotene: This will help strengthen the membrane of the inside of the mouth which will be able to fight off the herpes in the mouth.

3. Vitamin E: This vitamin is great for making the immune system stronger which will then be able to prevent cold sores.

These are just some of the things that you can begin doing for herpes in the mouth if you want to know of some other things that you can do to get rid of this problem then be sure to stop by and visit our site for more valuable tips And advice.

Source by Sylvia Yanik

Resveratrol Health Benefits – What Are They? Is Resveratrol Really Worth Taking?

There has been a lot of talk slowly about Resveratrol and it's health benefits. We've all heard the about the studies claiming that red wine is actually good for us and beneficial to our health. In this article, I will describe the known benefits of Resveratrol that I have uncovered after my research and use of the supplement.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes. The purpose of this antioxidant is to protect the core of the grape from possible damage caused by the environment and several other factors. It turns out that this anti oxidant reacts the same way to the cells of our bodies as it does the core of the grape.

When the cells in our bodies are covered with this antioxidant, it takes the much less effort to have the same results.

Weight Loss.

When we eat a heavy meal, usually what happens is that our body does not have enough energy to process all the food in the time we would like. So what usually happens is that our body will store the excess of calories instead of processing them. This is when we gain weight.

Increased Energy.

As soon as the body has time to get back to work processing those unwanted calories, it does. This is the most common reason for a lack of energy.

Reduced Risk Of Disease.

The body is self healing. If we get cut or bruised, the body heals itself. The same thing happens when we get a disease or sickness. The only reason these things do not heal themselves is because the body cells are not strong enough.

These are the most commonly talked about Resveratrol health benefits.

Source by Douglas Raymond

Increasing Interest in Healthy and Specialty Food in the US

Polls from recent food events in the US show that Americans have a passion for Italian food. Their curiosity about Italian products is constantly growing. After years of recession and crisis, their attention to quality food, traditional cuisine, and organic products is on the rise.

The watchword is “value”, and Americans are quite conscious of the relationship between quality and price. The price difference between organic and non-organic food has been reduced considerably, and now it is around 15%. According to the Organic Trade Association, the sales of organic foods in the United States have long passed those in Europe. The US is now the world’s largest consumer of natural and organic food.

As American interest in products from Italy grows, so does the number of “Italian fakes” on the market; products with Italian names whose labels state an Italian origin even though they come from other countries. This is especially in the dairy sector. Just think of the countless imitations and counterfeiting of Parmigiano Reggiano! For the first time, in 2014 the global production of fake parmesan and grana padano has overtaken that of the authentic Italian originals.

According to the organization of Italian farmers Coldiretti, last year the production of parmesan-like and grana-like cheeses exceeded 300 million kg, while in Italy cheese makers produced 295 million kg of genuine Parmigiano and Grana Padano.

Fortunately, American consumers are becoming increasingly aware. The growing trend is to explore beyond established mainstream products in order to identify those that represent not just a culinary delight, but also belong to local tradition, which tell a story, and represent a view into Italian life. Nearly a quarter of consumers of gourmet foods looks for specialties tried while on holidays – a particularly relevant factor considering the high number of American tourists travelling to Italy.

Supermarkets are a major provider of Italian foods in the USA, but the need of large retailers often does not allow small companies which produce excellent niche food products to reach consumers. More and more specialty shops and smaller chains serving a sophisticated and wealthy clientele play an increasing role in this context. But only online stores, with their capillarity and wide distribution, can guarantee everyone the opportunity to discover and taste the best products from Italy at affordable prices.

Starting from this scenario are springing up a variety of interesting projects online, bequeathed to the world of quality food. Ambitious projects bringing to the tables of Americans products that cannot be found anywhere else.

Source by Simona S

Cage Vs Aviaries: Which One Should You Choose?

It’s aquariums for most but for some, its aviaries. Pet lovers tend to relax more and feel calmer when they watch their pets in action and nothing promises more action than watching colorful birds of different species take flight and belt out a cacophony of sounds in birdsongs.

The thing is, people tend to confuse aviaries with bird cages, thinking that they’re one and the same thing. For the clueless and for those who want to know the difference between each, aviaries are large enclosures for confining birds but have larger living spaces than cages. Aviaries also allow birds more space to fly and are usually designed to mimic a bird’s natural habitat. Because these cages allow birds to fly, they are sometimes referred to as flight cages. Plus, aviaries will also allow you to house a number of bird species.

Bird cages on the other hand, are cages designed to house birds as pets. They are often considered too small to house more than two complimenting species at a time and are more often than not, used more for home d├ęcor without live birds in it, unlike aviaries. Cages are also too small for birds to have any flying space and choosing cages also depends on the size and species of birds you want to get.

Whether you prefer to get a bird cage or a bird aviary, there are important things you need to remember if you are to ensure that your birds will live in a safe, healthy and happy environment. For one, your cages or aviaries will depend on the number of bird species you want to breed, the weather conditions where you live and the kind of birds you want to breed. Gardens are usually the best places to build your aviaries in while indoors would be the best place for bird cages.

If you’re in a quandary about whether to get a bird cage or an aviary, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each in order to make the best decision. Cages offer you more flexibility and freedom to control your birds, allows you to create specialized diets and monitor them closely for any signs of health problems. However, birds are more prone to escape cages than aviaries so if you want more security and safety aviaries may be your best bet.

Aviaries on the other hand, allow birds to fly and live more happily because it is specifically designed to mimic their natural habitats. Since you can house more birds in them, it also gives them the opportunity to socialize, form their own flocks and choose their mates. Some breeders even attest to the fact that having aviaries actually lets you form a closer bond with your pets and is a constant reminder of why you love birds to begin with.

And lastly, aviculture experts also believe that if you want to concentrate on one or two bird species at a time, then cages would be more practical than aviaries. Unless you have been breeding birds for a while and know each species like the back of your hand, aviaries are best left to the experts and the experienced.

Source by Lincoln G Davis

How To Lose Weight Effectively With A Healthy Eating Habit

Some people just find it hard to lose weight. They do not understand that in addition to reducing carbohydrates and the fat in their food, they should also be eating more fruits and vegetables. This is the most important way that a person can stay trim and healthy, while getting their body back in shape. In other words, one needs to learn a healthy eating habit in order to lose weight effectively. Let us look at what kind of changes we can make in our diet to help us lose weight more easily.

First of all, we should eat regular breakfast. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, you should try to make sure that you eat a good breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. If you eat a well-balanced breakfast, then you will not be as hungry in between breakfast and lunch, and you will find that you are snacking less and eating a more regular meal. Our body will absorb the most out of what we eat in the morning, so try to make sure the food you eat during breakfast consist of a well balanced, nutritious meal.

Next, we must know that eating snacks is an easy way to gain weight. Eating snacks is a very bad eating habit you must stop if you want to lose weight. If you want to lose the weight that you are gaining, then you should start to eliminate these junk foods out of your diet. You need to replace the junk and the candy with fruits and vegetables. There are so many new and improved healthy foods out on the market for you to use today. You will be surprised at how well such healthy food taste. You do not have to settle for boring and bland food anymore. You can have spice and flavor and eat healthy at the same time.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should limit the intake of alcohol. You will gain weight if you drink too much. This is even more likely if you are drinking the regular beer instead of the light or the carbohydrate free beer. This is a choice that is up to you and you alone. You will have to decide what is more important, losing weight or having a good time every weekend. Once you slow down on the intake of alcohol, you will notice a change in your body mass.

However, drinking lots of fluids will help you to lose weight. If you want to try and take some pounds off, you may want to start on the liquid diet. This is going to help you feel fuller so that you do not want to eat as much. This is a great way to shed pounds and to also keep your body well hydrated at the same time.

Lastly, keep a list of the things that you eat. If you keep an eating diary, this will help you to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. If you see some things on that list that you need to remove, you should think of better things to eat instead. You need to keep track of your calories so that you can control your eating habits better.

Alright, here are the few tips on healthy eating habit to help you lose weight effectively. Try them out now and you will be amazed how it can help you to lose weight while allowing you to stay fit and healthy, always.

Source by Christopher Wen

5 DIY Slime Recipes That Are Totally Worth Trying!

If you’ve gotten tired of just watching videos of people playing with slime or don’t know what slime is, yet want to give it a try, this article is for you! Slime is a unique play material composed of a cross-linked polymer. “Play material” caught your eye didn’t it? Well just like its name suggests, it is amazing to play with and a great stress buster to revive on.

Slime doesn’t just come in one single form or is made in a single way. There are many different types of slime that can satisfy a person in distress. Each form of slime has its own method of preparation, here are five of which we’d like to share with you!

1) Fluffy slime

This recipe is the easiest and simplest of all! Just like the name suggests, fluffy slime feels softer and lighter compared to a regular slime, and it might be soft enough for your hands to feel great while playing with it during your stress buster session.


• Mixing bowl

• Mixing spoon

• Shaving foam cream

• Elmer’s glue or PVA Glue

• Contact lens solution

• Baking Soda

• Food coloring (choice)


A) Add some PVA glue or elmer’s glue into the mixing bowl (not much of it is required as this recipe makes a decent amount of slime even with a less amount of glue used) and add shaving cream foam (after shaking the can well) into the bowl of glue.

B) Add a pinch of baking soda into the same bowl (Baking soda Loosens the slime to make it less sticky to surfaces) and mix it well with a mixing spoon.

C) Add a few drops of your choice of food coloring into the mixture and mix again, for the color to show.

D) Add a small amount of contact lens solution into the mixture and mix until it becomes a slimy structure (keep adding a small amount after a good mix if it doesn’t but be sure not to add too much as it might make the slime break instead of spreading) When the mixture detaches from the bowl and becomes a blob, that’s when the slime is ready!

2) Crunchy Slime

Crunchy slime, as its name suggests is fun to play with because of the sound it makes. So here’s how to make some Crunchy slime!


• Mixing bowl

• Mixing spoon

• Stay-Flo liquid starch

• Clear Elmer’s or PVA glue

• Clear beads

• Food coloring of your choice


A) Pour some amount of Clear PVA or Elmer’s glue into a mixing bowl.

B) Add a drop or two of the food coloring of your choice (too much color can make the slime dark and opaque) and mix.

C) Add a small bit amount of Stay-flo liquid starch and mix. You can notice that the solution is becoming a bit slimy. Keep adding a bit amount of the starch and mix until the slime is formed.(The slime may seem opaque due to the air bubbles formed, but if you let it settle down for a while, then it will become clear).

D) Add some clear beads (glass or plastic)to the slime and play around with it until the beads completely stick into it and create a Crunch-like sound as you play.

3) Floam Slime

Floam slime is a mixture of Floam and slime, where Floam is a play structure that can mould into different shapes. Seems interesting? Well, here is how you can make it!


• Mixing bowl

• Mixing spoon

• Foam bead balls

• Liquid starch

• Elmer’s Glue or PVA glue

• Food coloring of your choice


A) Pour in some Elmer’s or PVA glue into your mixing bowl (you can add as much as you want depending on how much slime you’d like to make).

B) Add some food coloring of your choice into the bowl and mix until the color is visible.

C) Add a small amount of liquid starch and mix until the solution becomes slimy.

D) Add foam balls to the slime and play until the balls are completely adhered into the slime.

4) Butter Slime

One of the hardest recipes of slime and the most complicated to make. Yet totally worth the effort! As the name says, butter slime looks and spreads around like butter and feels extremely smooth to play with.


• Mixing bowl

• Mixing spoon

• Contact lens solution

• Baking Soda

• Elmer’s Glue or PVA glue

• Corn flour

• Shaving cream foam

• Baby oil

• Food coloring (preferably yellow)


A) Add three table spoons of corn flour and three table spoons of PVA or Elmer’s Glue into the mixing bowl.

B) Add three heaped table spoons of shaving cream foam (This might be a bit difficult to measure but try your best to get some accurate measure).

C) Add four pinches of baking soda to the mixture in the bowl.

D) Add the food coloring into the mixture and mix well until it starts to look and feel like cake batter.

E) Add two teaspoons of contact lens solution into the mixture and mix well until the slime is formed.

F) Add half a teaspoon of baby oil to give the slime a buttery structure. And start playing!

5) Iceberg Slime


• Mixing bowl

• Mixing spoon

• Baby powder

• Borax

• Elmer’s glue or PVA glue

• Shaving cream foam

• Hand lotion

• Food Coloring of your choice


A) Empty a whole bottle of Elmer’s or PVA glue into a mixing bowl, and add a whole can of shaving cream foam into it as well.

B) Add three pumps of hand lotion to make your slime silky, and four pumps of baby powder to give it a matte finish.

C) Add some food coloring (preferably blue and green together to make it look like an iceberg) and mix. (The mixing becomes very difficult as the quantity is very huge and there might be even chances that you have to add more food coloring to intensify the mixture color).

D) Add one teaspoon of borax into hot water (separate from the mixing bowl) and mix.

E) Slowly add the borax solution to the slime mixture and mix until the solution becomes slimy. If you let the slime settle down in the fridge or even in a cool area, the top layer hardens for you to break like an iceberg when you are ready to play.

Source by Achal Mehrotra