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How to Increase Penis Size With Your Hands

“It DOUBLED my confidence and self-esteem!” exclaimed a 36-year-old man in an email to me recently. He was referring to the natural techniques on how to increase penis size with your hands. Impotence is becoming alarmingly common in our society today. More and more married men are depressed because they are no longer capable of penile erection.

Some men can maintain erection only for a short time. Usually, whenever a man and woman begins to quarrel and accuse each other of cheating, be rest assured that something is wrong with their sexual life. Many marriages break up because of small penis size and failure to achieve strong erection. For a man, there is nothing as humiliating and depressing as having a small penis or impotence.

The good news for you today is that you can increase penis size with your hands. You will be using your hands to exercise your penis to achieve your desired size gain. The only requirement is the discipline to diligently do all the exercises. They are actually very simple penis exercises anyone can do at home or in the office.

Recent medical clinical trials have tested and proven that penis exercises can practically increase penis length and girth. The same clinical trials also found out that apart from the increase in penis size, you will be able to cure premature ejaculation and keep a stronger and long-lasting erection to the utmost satisfaction of your partner. Just by the appropriate use of your hands in a certain way.

Some of the real benefits of the penis enlargement exercises are increase in your ability to maintain stronger and long-lasting erection every time (making you able to last longer in bed), increase in the amount of semen you produce when ejaculating and improvement in your overall sex control and performance. Best of all your penis will grow bigger and thicker.

I bet you. Your partner will respect and cherish you the more. The usual quarrels over your failing sexual prowess will end with a bigger and thicker penis.

This is how to increase penis size with your hands. Ready? Go!

The techniques below will show you briefly how to get started with increasing penis size with your hands:

• Jelqing Technique

This is the most ancient penis enhancement technique known to man. It involves using your hands to “milk” your penis thereby increasing the amount of blood flow to your penis, while filling the Corpora Cavernosa (the part of your penis that is filled with blood and enlarged during erections). This will make your penis visibly bigger and thicker. If you can perform this exercise regularly, you can permanently increase the size of your penis size very fast.

• Penis Stretching

Here you will be using your hands to stretch your penis without giving you any pain. Once you can stretch the tissues of your penis, the cells will begin to grow thereby increasing the length of your penis.

• Kegel Exercises

These exercises will help you to keep a strong erection throughout and last longer in bed. They are meant to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle, which is used to delay erections. Once you can successfully train this muscle, you will be able to get multiple orgasms and strengthen your penis to shoot your semen farther into the vagina and accurately control premature ejaculation.

One secret you can do immediately is to use Aloe Vera to eliminate impotence. Aloe Vera is one of the most effective remedies for impotence. Cut the roots of the Aloe Vera into small pieces. Soak 2 handfuls into 3 bottles of gin for 10 days. Then, add 2 bottles of water to dilute and begin to drink 1 shot two times daily. If you take this in the morning, you will notice an improvement in your penile erection by evening of the same day. Try it now for free!

Dietary habits play an important factor to increase penis size and your sexual prowess. Some food promotes penis growth while some weakens it.

Source by Shirly Smith

Bodyweight Training – The Feared 8 Count Bodybuilders

Why do so many people fear the dreaded 8 count body builder? Because they are a brutal bodyweight exercise that have been used in the military by the Elite Navy Seals.

I have read and bought many books on military training on every part of the military. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and they all show the exercise the 8 count body builder as one of the exercises that help get them in great shape.

But one book a Navy Seal training manual talks about how every Friday they would have to do 1×100 of this brutal exercise. And how the Seals hated it, I read this many years ago when I was just making a transition from weight training to bodyweight training.

I thought how hard could it be? First time I did it I managed 60 of these bodybuilders and thought about never doing them again. But, there was no way that was going to happen I was on my own mission to do 100 in 10 minutes and accomplished it.

What made me want to know more about these and the fact that the author of the book left out the feared 8 counts out of the workout section because how brutal they are. I liked that. If he left it out because he hated them I wanted to do them.

It’s been many years and I still do them and it is still a feat to accomplish 100 in under 10 minutes. My best was 600 in 1 hour and 100 in under 15 minutes wearing a 40 lb weight vest.

These are tough workouts and the exercise will work your body pretty complete. I have combined 8 counts with bodyweight squats and also used a combo using bodybuilders and a jump rope, both are amazing fat burning and strength building workouts.

If you just managed 50 of these beast the average man would not be average anyone who is a little skeptical drop down for some right now and see how many you can get in 1 minute or 2 minutes I think you will be surprised.

The only down fall is that most people will never do them as a regular part of their workout, and the reason is they are very demanding. You can be like everyone else and do everyone else s workouts; you know the workouts designed by the average man for the average man.

You want to be elite? You train and do the exercises that the elite train with!

Source by Johnny Grube

Stay Cool And Hydrated With These Fun Watermelon Recipes

Hydration is always important for our bodies but it’s especially important when the weather gets hot. We also might be sweating more than normal so we are losing fluids that need to be replenished. Naturally, we need a way to cool down and hydrate the body. I always recommend drinking fresh, natural spring water or at least water that has been re-mineralized. Drink approximately half of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water per day. Keep a water bottle near by so you are always reminded to have a sip! Now, I know not everyone is a fan of plain water so there’s nothing wrong with infusing water naturally with some fruit slices, cucumber slices, or mint leaves. Since watermelon is popular in the summer time and tastes oh so delicious I have two fun recipes for you to enjoy.

First, let’s discover a few benefits of watermelon:

1. Naturally hydrating

2. High in lycopene

3. Contains beneficial amino acids

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

5. Packed with antioxidants

Recipe 1

Watermelon Slushie – makes 1 serving (vegan)


3 cups seedless watermelon, chopped

1 cup ice

1 tbsp coconut sugar

1 lime


1. Place all ingredients except the lime into a high-speed blender.

2. Chop the lime in half and squeeze the juice into the blender. Discard the flesh and skin of the lime.

3. Blend the ingredients together until combined. If you let the drink sit it will separate a bit so just stir it as needed.

Recipe 2

Watermelon Pizza or Salad – makes 1-2 servings


5-6 watermelon slices (keep rind on for pizza, it’s easier to hold this way)

1/3 cup fresh blueberries

1/4 cup walnut pieces

1/4 cup feta cheese (optional)

2-3 fresh mint leaves

Directions For Pizza:

1. Place all of the watermelon slices on a flat surface.

2. Sprinkle on each ingredient evenly between all slices. Eat like you would a pizza slice!

Directions For Salad:

1. Take the slices and chop them into chunks. Discard the rind.

2. Place the chunks into 1 or 2 bowls and sprinkle on the remaining ingredients.

3. Stir gently to combine and enjoy!

Those are some simple and fun recipes to try this summer. You can certainly always just eat the slices as is or chop the watermelon into chunks, but if you want something different and creative, it never hurts to experiment. You will be staying cool and hydrated and it will taste delicious!

Source by Jessica Ann

UB04 Form – What is a UB04 Form, Where Do I Get One, and How Do I Fill it Out?

Do you need to get a UB04 form completed for an insurance company?  What is a UB04 form?  Where do you find one?  And how do you fill it out?  We run across these questions often in the world of medical billing.  Most medical health insurance claims are filed on CMS 1500 forms (sometimes called HCFA forms).  These are more common to most people.   Many billers don’t know when to use the CMS forms and when to use the UB 04 forms.

The UB04 claim form is used by facilities rather than physicians for their health insurance billing.  Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, etc need to bill their services on the UB04 form in order to get paid.  Physician billing is done on the CMS 1500 claim forms. 

Every once in awhile we get a call from a person who is trying to get an insurance claim paid and they are told by the insurance company that they must file the claim on a UB04 claim form.  These people don’t have a clue what this form is or how to complete it.  They may have had to admit a loved one into a drug and alcohol rehab facility and now find that the facility doesn’t participate with their insurance plan.  These facilities often don’t file UB04 forms and can not help the family get reimbursed by the insurance company.

Many times the family has paid up front for the services of the facility and are now trying to get the insurance company to reimburse them.  The insurance policy may pay out of network but the claim must be filed correctly on a UB04 form.  Often times people are trying to collect many thousands of dollars on the claim.  Required fields on the UBO4 form include rev codes, value codes and type of bill.  What do you put in these fields?   These forms can be very confusing.  Where do you get the correct information to complete the forms?  And which fields are required on the form?  If the facility does not have a UB04 form to fill out, where do you get one? 

Unfortunately the answers are not easy.  The Rev codes represent the procedure codes.  The type of bill is a three digit number that represents the type of facility, the bill classification and the frequency of the bill.  The value codes are required fields only in certain situations.  It is very difficult to complete these forms correctly without previous experience or proper training.  Another catch is that the forms were changed in May 2007 to allow for use of the NPI number.  You must understand NPI numbers completely to determine where you should be entering an individual NPI number or a group NPI number.  And when you try to find UB04 forms for sale, you find they are available in boxes of 2500.

If you find yourself needing to file a claim on a UB04 form and don’t know what you are doing, make sure you look into it fully.  Claims are often denied time after time for information being incomplete or incorrect.  If your claim is for a lot of money, you may not want to wait months for payment.

Copyright November 2008 – Alice Scott

Source by Alice Scott

2 Proven Ways to Stop Coming Fast During Sex

Learn how to stop coming fast during sex and you will automatically become the best sex partner your woman has ever had. I bet her former lovers never had the ejaculatory control that you can have by following the tips outlined below.

Before the tips just think about the benefits of taking control of when you ejaculate. For a start you will please your woman because you will be able to last long enough to bring her to orgasm. Then there is the self confidence that you will get and you will no longer feel inept in bed.

Anyway enough babbling here’s two ways to stop coming fast during sex.

1. Your problem is mainly in your mind and denying your mind negative thoughts is what you need to do. Don’t worry this isn’t some kind of yoga or relaxation method. It simply entails emptying your mind of any negative thoughts like “how long before I ejaculate” and replacing with positive thoughts such as “I am going to give her the orgasm of her life tonight”.

Then when the time for sex arrives remember that it’s about her orgasm not yours. Putting her first can make you last a heap longer without you even thinking about your problems.

2. This tip to stop coming fast is older than my grandma but it works. It’s all about training yourself to ejaculate at will. You need to masturbate and stop just before ejaculating, then apply firm pressure with thumb and finger to the tip of your penis. Squeeze until all sensations of orgasm have passed then resume.

Keep going for two or three squeezes before you let yourself ejaculate. After a few days of training you will find that you are able to have full ejaculatory control.

You owe it not only to yourself but also to your woman to learn how to stop coming fast during sex.

Source by Michael Harradine

Dietary Treatment For Eczema, Itchy And Dry Skin

Also referred to as atopic dermatitis, eczema is normally an inflammatory reaction of the skin which can be a serious source of discomfort in infants and even adults. While DNA has been implicated in many cases of eczema, other contributing factors include sweating, poor hygiene, stress and contact with chemicals and plants. Eczema development has also been associated with some food allergies such as eggs, milk from cow, soy products, gluten containing foods, nuts etc. Although these foods may not be directly linked to eczema development, they may, however, trigger a flare up and worsen the condition. Maintaining an eczema free skin is usually achieved with proper skin care and improved nutrition. Below are tips to maintain a healthy skin while preventing eczema and itchy skin development:

1. Fish consumption

Foods high in anti-inflammatory activity go a long way in curbing eczema development and one of those is fatty fish such as herring and salmon. Omega-3-fatty acids, with appreciable contents in fish oil, have been widely touted a good remedy and thus consuming these fatty fish will come in handy in remedying the unsightly eczema conditions of a dry and itchy skin.

2. Take more Quercetin containing foods

A plant derived flavonoid, Quercetin is a strong antioxidant and also possesses anti-histamine activities, thus able to deter progress of inflammatory conditions synonymous with eczema in the body. Consuming Quercetin containing foods such as spinach, apples, blueberries, cherries, kale and broccoli is thus vital in preventing a dry and itchy skin of eczema.

3. Probiotics also help

Yoghurts and similar probiotic foods contain live microorganisms that help in boosting immunocompetence, a feature which has been related to inhibit allergic reactions and inflammations that could consequently cause eczema. Other probiotic foods are kefir, naturally fermented pickles, soft cheeses and sourdough bread.

4. Avoid preservatives as much as possible

Foods containing high amounts of preservatives, trans fats and other chemicals should be avoided as they could deteriorate symptoms and facilitate dry, itchy skins. These include fast foods, margarine and processed foods of all kinds.

5. Sugars

Insulin levels are heightened with more sugar and this triggers inflammation afterwards, thus, these food products which include burgers, cakes, coffee drinks and sodas are better absconded.

6. Anti-inflammatory foods

Since eczema is inflammation facilitated, substituting your diet for anti-inflammatory foods is thus a necessity for persistent eczema sufferers. The emphasis here is on foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, omega-3-rich fish and healthy fats like olive oil.

Source by Moshe Nechushtan

Parenting In A Digital Age

In this digital age, parents play an important role in their children’s behavior. Modeling kindness and good manners online will teach children values. Limit your own media usage and always be available for your children. Hugging and playing with them is more productive compared to simply staring at a screen.

Children learn best through face-to-face communication. Instead of communicating through texting, try to have time for your kids. Quality time spent with your kids help them develop a positive self-concept, trust, and self-confidence. This encourages more family time, healthier eating habits, and better sleep which are critical for children’s health and wellness.

Never use technology as an emotional stabilizer. Media can be very effective in calming kids but children need to be taught how to identify and handle strong emotions such as managing boredom through reading and writing, talking about ways to solve the problem, and finding other approaches for channeling emotions.

Online relationships are part of a typical adolescent development. However, be sure that your kids are behaving appropriately both on the real and online worlds. Always remind them that a platform’s privacy settings do not make things actually private and that images, thoughts, and behaviors shared online will instantly become a part of their digital footprint indefinitely.

Even if they are concerned about the privacy of their personal information online but their identities can be stolen through their use of social media. As a parent, be empathic. Try to handle errors with empathy and turn a mistake into a learning experience and keep your lines open and let them know you’re there if they have questions or concerns.

Most kids complain boredom when we suggest that they turn off their screens. Try to encourage your kids to share their objections when they engage with the 3D world, and then listen without scolding. It’s very important to hear their opinions and then offer a solution that will benefit you both.

Undeniably, these media devices foster social connectivity not only among kids but also among us. We stay connected with our loved ones, stay up to date with the news, and work out our hectic schedules with a few clicks. Everything is just within reach because of the advent of information and communication technology.

Although media and technology are integral in this digital divide, time with family and friends still plays a more important role in promoting children’s learning and healthy development.

Source by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

Type 2 Diabetes – What Is Your Motivation to Change?

Behind every action, there is motivation or purpose. Since humans are not senseless by nature, we act for a good reason. If there is an aspect of your life you want to or need to change, then you surely have your reasons for why you believe it is beneficial or necessary. When you want to make changes regarding your health, then it is guaranteed your motivation stems from the same source.

If you are afflicted with a disease or if your health is sub-par, then you should have enough motivation to change. It is when we start to appreciate our health we no longer take it for granted. For most people, this moment only comes when a serious condition threatens their well-being, or when they see their health degrade suddenly, putting their life at risk.

Diseases like obesity and Type 2 diabetes tend to develop unnoticed for many people. In the case of obesity, those who are overweight tend to underestimate the extent of their condition. With Type 2 diabetes, it often develops without conscious awareness because keeping track of blood sugar is not a common habit for those who do not have a history of hyperglycemia. It is when the obvious symptoms of high blood sugar levels kick in, people start to realize there is something unhealthy going on. For those who are obese, it often takes a reality check given by a trusted person for them to understand they are not just a few pounds above a healthy weight.

We are looking at obesity and Type 2 diabetes not only because they are common problems in our society today but also because there is a link between the two. Due to this relationship and the fact most adults will deal with blood sugar or weight problems to some extent at least once in their life, treatment and prevention are essential points of discussion.

Moreover, your motivation to change your lifestyle and improve your health should be to prevent the worst from ever happening to you. Statistically speaking, you are at risk of developing many health problems at some point in your life, whether it is now or sometime in the years ahead. Whether it is a common condition like obesity or Type 2 diabetes or an associated complication of heart disease, you must prepare yourself. You must do what you can to get healthy, starting now.

Avoid ever becoming a medical emergency. Become as healthy as you can to improve your quality of life and live longer. Eat healthily and feel better every single day. Take charge of your weight and improve your appearance. What more motivation do you need?

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

Type 2 Diabetes – New Devices Are Being Used to Monitor Pressure Continuously in Foot Ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers are a serious complication of Type 2 diabetes. Neuropathy, one of the long-term complications of diabetes that affect the nerves in your feet, may affect your ability to sense major trauma. If left unchecked the foot ulcer can result in bone infection and the need for limb amputation.

One diabetic during his or her lifetime has a 25 percent risk of developing the condition. Of those 25 percent of diabetics who do develop foot ulcers, half will need hospitalization and 20 to 25 percent will need amputation. To put it another way, 80 percent of non-traumatic foot and leg amputations are due to diabetes. In the United States alone more than 82,000 people lose limbs to diabetes each year, and it is a leading cause worldwide.

Scientists in Italy and at the University of Arizona in Tucson, United States, have devised a method for continuous monitoring of pressure in diabetic foot ulcers. As reported in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology in February of 2017, the system consists of a pressure sensor made up of what is known as a smart textile. The textile is attached with a stretchable band which collects information and transmits it to a telephone. The collected information is then relayed to the diabetic’s doctor.

Sixty-eight percent of Type 2 diabetics live for five years or more after amputation.

According to the University of Arizona Medical School, the device will…

  • measure and analyze pressure, temperature, and gait,
  • be accurate for people walking on a variety of surfaces,
  • improve accuracy compared with other devices,
  • be mobile and easily washable,
  • deliver alerts when necessary,
  • improve the diagnosis of foot problems at home,
  • lower the risk of falling in older people.

The University of Arizona is also developing a smart insole. This device measures…

  • pressure,
  • foot position,
  • acidity or alkalinity,
  • blood flow, and
  • skin temperature.

It uses these measurements to lower weight-bearing where the ulcer is located, allowing it and other wounds to heal. Information from the smart sole allows doctors to monitor wound healing and make adjustments accordingly. It alerts health care providers as to any dead tissue hindering healing.

When foot ulcers are diagnosed, the first treatment is to relieve pressure from the ulcer with orthotic devices. The wound is…

  • cleaned with saline (salt water), and
  • dressings need to be changed daily.

Debridement becomes necessary when dead tissue prevents healing. Antibiotic therapy is used for soft tissue or bone inflammation and infection.

To protect your feet, you need to inspect them before and after exercise. If you have neuropathy, be aware you may not be able to feel the rubbing of a poorly fitted shoe or even a pebble in your shoe.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

The Easiest Job In Sports – You Will Have An Easy Life If You Can Land One Of These Jobs

Every kids dream

When I was a child, I was given a gift of great athleticism. I was heads and tails above my peers, athletically. You name it; I was the best on my team. Football, baseball, basketball, and eventually, at a later age, hockey! When I was a young kid of twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen, I was among the tallest on my basketball team, and in basketball, height is an amazing thing. I didn’t have good endurance (because I was too lazy to put in the pain of wind-sprints), nor did I put out anywhere near 100% a lot of the time, but I was always the leader in rebounds and always scoring under the rim. I had a not-so-great jump shot, and to be honest, I really didn’t practice any drill that much, besides just having natural talent. Eventually, people starting becoming taller than I was, and by the time I got into tenth grade or so, I wasn’t among the tallest kids for my age anymore. Basketball, at least for a living, I thought, was out of the question. For those brief few years though, when I was taller than most, I experienced success that told me I could have been great. My height and speed is all I needed to win all of the 1 on 1 tournaments held throughout the county. I sent kids, whose dads were coaching them like maniacs from the sidelines (you know, the parents that demand success)? home in tears, after they realized they may not achieve their dream, because I had beat them so handily. Some of them were the best, until they played me. I wasn’t ever over 6’0, but it was enough to shine, without really putting any hard practice in.

You literally have a “heads up” on the competition

Without a doubt, the easiest job in all of sport is if you are over 7’0 and are good enough to make a pro team, you will have a luxurious life, and the honor of having to not worry about getting injured either, for the most part. I was able to get a taste of how easy it was, when I was slightly taller than most other kids in my county basketball league. I would have had an easy time of it — had I had the sense to keep playing, instead of dropping out. I was easily the fastest, and I could throw my weight around also. Once everyone else caught up to me, in my middle teens, I became easily intimidated, in large part, because of my insecurities of everything else (another story). Even if I didn’t turn out to be very insecure as a teen, I still would have been intimidated (height is an awesome weapon). I would have had to put more practice in if I wanted to make it to the pros, but I wouldn’t have had to do anything drastic in order to have made it. I’m sure I could have coasted by with the minimum work.

Dude, don’t waste it!

If you are over 6’10” tall, and gifted athletically, I envy you sir! If you are, don’t hesitate to bust your butt by practicing. You have a very good chance of making it to the pros, because there are so few “trees” out there that have decent coordination. Don’t become intimidated by other big men! If you are caucasian, do not be intimidated. I call it like it is; some of my best friends when I was playing basketball regularly, were of a different race than I was. Moreso in basketball than any other sport. Shorter people really have to practice their jumping, if they want to play in the pros, but as I said, being a center in the pros is a pure creampuff, high paying, and fun job. Enjoy it while you’re young!

Source by Mike Kindella