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Fat Burning Brain System

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Rhys Diab, Founder Of

If you’ve been struggling to melt away stubborn belly fat, feeling more tired than when you were younger or noticing aches and pains in your joints, then pay close attention to the article below because you’re going to discover that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

You’re going to discover how a little known region of your brain has been secretly causing a slow accumulation of nasty belly fat for years and making you feel like you’re aging TWICE as fast.

You’re also going to discover a 5 minute trick, recommended by a world-class doctor and used by celebrities which will help you melt away stubborn body fat. Take YEARS off your biological age. And restore your youthful energy.

Once you hit 40, it’s much more difficult to defeat body fat than when you were in your 20s and 30s. You don’t feel the limitless energy levels or zest for life you once did.

Even when you push yourself to go for a run, or even just engage in everyday activities like cleaning the house, you feel aches and pains in your muscles and joints for days afterwards.

You don’t feel as up to it in the bedroom. Often making excuses like “I’m tired” or “I’ve got a headache.”

The “Medical Establishment” will tell you what you’re experiencing is normal.

You’re suppose to have such low energy levels that even getting out of bed in the morning feels like more effort than climbing Mount Everest.

You’re suppose to be praying you don’t suffer a sudden heart attack or stroke which leaves you immobile. Unable to move. Confined to a hospital bed and a financial burden on your family and loved ones.

Or waking up one day in a dingy nursing home as your family and friends slowly forget about you.

Doctors and personal trainers tell you diet and exercise are the only ways to delay the inevitable.

There’s nothing you can do to preserve your youthful body, boundless energy, good health and passion for life as you head into your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

But the truth is that you are NOT too old to burn fat, feel sky-high energy levels and enjoy all the activities you did 20 years ago.

You’re going to discover a 5 minute trick you can do before breakfast which will make fat loss feel more effortless than a walk in the park. Make you look, feel and move like you did 20 years ago. And make you LOVE your life again.

But first you need to understand the Medical Establishment’s best kept secret.

What REALLY causes these nasty things to happen after you hit 40.

A Harvard Medical School Study has found the activity of a region of your brain called the ‘dorsolateral prefrontal cortex’ might be the REAL culprit for age-related weight gain. [i]

Your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is a small region of your brain near the very front. It’s main job is to fight impulses.

Like when you have an urge to eat just a little bit of that carrot cake you baked for your Sunday trip to church.

Or when you’re at a restaurant and you decide to resist the urge to eat tasty french fries and opt for a healthy chicken salad.

Your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex kicks in and says ‘NO!’

“We are not making that choice today!”

The Harvard Medical School study revealed when your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is sluggish. You eat MORE calories.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not.

This means a sluggish dorsolateral prefrontal cortex could be the REAL cause of out-of-control hunger and intense cravings for calorie-dense food like chocolate cake and McDonalds.

Another study from The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition found folks who struggle to lose weight have very LOW activity in their dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. [ii]

Folks who could maintain a lean physique easily had very high activity in their dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

And folks who were in the 3.7% of people who had successfully lost weight and kept it off for over 2 years had the MOST activity in their dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Dr Marci Gluck from the National Institutes of Health, Phoenix, Arizona, USA explained that,

“Studies from our laboratory had found lower levels of activation in the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex after a meal in obese compared to lean people.”

This means an underactive dorsolateral prefrontal cortex could be the REAL reason you’ve struggled to lose weight. [iii]

But what will REALLY shock you is this.

Research shows your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex radically shrinks in size every year after the age of 40!

This shrinking happens faster and faster as you head into your 50s, 60s 70s and beyond.

So if you are over 40, you are at high risk of weight gain, diabetes and having a sudden heart attack or stroke. And even HIGHER risk if you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s or even older.

If you’ve only ever focused on diet and exercise alone for YEARS, your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex has almost certainly shrunken in size DRAMATICALLY.

Like when you break your arm and have to wear a cast on it for 6-8 weeks. Your arm stays the same size for a little a while. But then it starts shrinking. The muscles begin to fade away.

By the time you get your cast off, your arm is smaller and weaker than a baby duck!

That is exactly what happens to your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex as you get older. Especially if you’ve never done any kind of brain training before.

As it shrinks in size it becomes like a slacker private in the army. You know one of those slackers who never makes their bed on time or is lagging behind in the morning run.

If you are over the age of 40, your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is likely shrinking right at this very moment!

This makes burning off the spare tire around your waist virtually impossible.

I’m going to show you a 5 minute trick you can do in the morning to reactivate your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in just a moment.

But first I want to show you why neglecting this crucial region of your brain could be the biggest mistake you EVER make for your body and your health.

A study from the Oxford Journal Of Neurology found a weak dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can make you more sensitive to pain. [vi]

This means It can make your niggling lower back pain feel like an unbearable burden. Or even cause you to DREAD playing with your own kids or grandkids due to fear of crippling muscle pain.

An underactive dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can make you feel TWICE as much stress during a difficult time such as the death of someone close to you or when dealing with financial difficulties.

This will sap your energy and make you feel so tired you need a 3pm nap just to get through the day.

It will also worsen feelings of isolation, depression and even promote horrible suicidal thoughts. [vii]

But the pain doesn’t end there.

Research has shown that an underactive dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can make your memory decline at a rapid rate. And even ACCELERATE the onset of Alzheimer. [ix]

This is the reason remembering new names, dates and faces becomes such a challenge as you get older.

But the worst is yet to come.

Before you know it you will be forgetting the name of your friends, your partner and even your own children. If you don’t start regenerating your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and fighting the aging process today!

Did you know that eastern yogis stay lean well into old age?

Often they lose TOO much weight because they spend so much time training their mind they don’t even feel the need to eat.

Did you know some yogis have so much energy they only feel the need to sleep a few hours per night?

Many Eastern yogis that are so resistant to pain that they can literally walk over hot coals and not feel a thing. And they have the memory and brain power of young folks in their 20s.

Did you know they maintain much higher testosterone levels than men and women their age?

This gives them outrageous energy levels, a strong libido and makes them practically immune from pain.

It turns out these yogis have been using an ancient practice which has been around for THOUSANDS of years.

Their secret was to train their brain rigorously using meditation.

Meditation fires up your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and FORCES it to wake up and grow back to the size it was when you were in your 20s. [x]

Over time, the yogi’s brains develop the strength and discipline of a seasoned professional in the armed forces.

13 research studies demonstrated adding a mindfulness meditation routine resulted in fat loss WITHOUT changing anything else. [xi]

But if you’re thinking that you need to fly off to Nepal, shave your head and live like a monk in a cave somewhere.

You don’t need to spend HOURS meditating everyday in a secluded cave to get the brain regenerating effects.

You can get it in as little as 5 minutes per day.

But only if you do it with the CORRECT technique.

Research shows you can reap the ground-breaking benefits of meditation in as little 5 mintues per day. [xii]

This is because meditating is like doing a push-up for your brain.

It fires up your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Making it thicker. Stronger. And more powerful.

Allowing you to squash unwanted food cravings at will. Reverse the age-related stiffness in your muscle and joints. Sharpen your memory and focus to the level of a young Albert Einstein.

And make you feel energetic, stress-free, and HAPPY again. Perhaps for the first time in years.

Recent research has even shown that meditation can actually SLOW your rate of cellular aging. [xiii]

This means it can make you look, feel and perform like you did years ago.

Biological markers of aging called telomeres.

Telomeres are protective caps on the end of your chromosomes which naturally shortens as you age.

Doctors and scientist use your telomere length to work out your biological age. But the key here is not everyone’s telomere’s shrink at the same rate!

You may have a chronological age of 44, but your telomeres could show your biological age is 54, 64 or even older! Meaning all the nasty signs of aging such as wrinkled skin, reduced energy levels, increased susceptibility to fat gain and increased chance of a sudden heart attack or stroke start way earlier than they should!

Dr Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist and researcher from Harvard University, showed that regular meditators had longer telomeres. [xiv]

This means their bodies aged SLOWER. Making them look, feel and perform YEARS younger than other people their own age.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, Halle Berry and Ray Dalio have used meditation DAILY for years to slow down the aging process. [xvii]

But what will really surprise you is this…

Research shows you can more than DOUBLE the fat burning and age-defying effects of meditation alone by combining it with few sneaky brain sculpting methods that take just MINUTES to perform.

You’ll learn exactly how you can use these unconventional methods in just a moment.

But first I must warn you..

The unusual methods below are probably going to make you angry.

They are going contradict everything you’ve been told by the mainstream media and even the government about developing a lean, youthful body after the age of 40.

But If you finally want to know the TRUTH about reversing age related weight gain and the visible signs of aging.

Make sure you check out these controversial methods NOW while you still can.

I teamed up with health and nutrition expert Shannon Clark and put all the most effective brain training secrets for strengthening your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and other critical regions of your brain into a simple, easy to understand manual we’ve nicknamed The Fat Burning Brain System.

There’s no technical jargon or over the top theories. Just real, practical techniques founded in solid neuroscience and the real-world experience of thousands of folk just like who were looking for answers.

It’s very simple, easy-to-understand and to the point.

Here’s what it is, here’s why it works, here’s how to do it. Simple, effective and easy to understand.

Inside, you’ll discover:

A strong dorsolateral prefrontal cortex will make your brain feel like it’s on steroids. You will have more willpower than a buddhist monk.

It will make turning down an extra dessert feel effortless.

There’ll be no more ‘maybe I could have just one more slice of carrot cake. I’ll start my diet tomorrow.’ You’ll be able to stick to your diet and never feel the struggle of whether to turn down a bag of potato chips.

You’ll be able to enjoy activities like gardening, bike riding and trips to the gym without fear of agonising pain in your muscles and joints.

Imagine getting out of bed. Looking in the mirror. And LOVING what you see again.

Imagine starting your day with a jolt of energy like you were in your 20s even if you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or even older.

Imagine being able to take complete care of yourself, and never worrying about being a burden on your family and loved ones. Or relying on an over bloated, unreliable public health system.

Imagine being able to play with your kids or grandkids. Go for a bike ride. Or do some gardening without any niggling joint pain.

Imagine being able to remember everything. From what appointments you have that day to your new friend’s phone number.

Imagine feeling more happiness and joy performing even the most mundane activities, like drinking your morning coffee, or reading the morning news.

Imagine telling the coffin salesman to go to hell, you won’t be needing one of those for a VERY, long time. Imagine feeling all of this and more.

Now it’s possible with the breakthrough Fat Burning Brain System.

You may be tempted to write off ‘brain training’ as a bunch of new agey nonsense. And I completely understand if you think this is a bunch of hocus pocus, greene peace hogwash.

The type of stuff some 19 year old, jobless hippy would spout while sitting in the bedroom of his parents house with hair down to his waist.

I’d seen many health and fitness ‘fads’ come and go in my time. I thought that ‘brain training’ was just another weight loss scam. A bunch of feel-good ‘think yourself thin’ junk.

I’m ashamed of how long it took me to give these unique brain training methods proven by 100s of research studies a fair try.

As the CEO of a major health site, certified exercise scientist and having worked with some of the most elite athletes in Australian sport, I was fooled into believing the usual advice of the ‘Medical Establishment’ for years.

Diet and exercise. That was all you needed to lose weight and restore your youthful energy. Advice that worked ok for youngsters in their 20s and 30s. But was TERRIBLE for good men and women over the age 40.

I felt powerless watching friends and family in their 50s, 60s and 70s struggle with the ravages age. Maybe you’ve watched a friend or family member gradually put on unwanted belly fat until it finally happened…

They had a sudden heart attack or stroke.

And they were gone forever…

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced feeling completely powerless as someone close to you falls victim to a degenerative disease like ahlzeimers. And watched with sheer horror as the person you once knew and loved gradually fades away.

When I discovered the THOUSANDS of other men and women looking for answers. I knew I had to put my thinking cap on and find a solution once and for all.

What I found floored me…

Real world men and women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even older, burning off body fat at a rapid rate.

Good men and women who had struggled with their weight for years. Folks who thought a slow, steady increase in belly fat was just a natural part of getting older.

Folks who had given up and just faced the fact they would never feel the youthful energy, enthusiasm and zest for life they felt when they were younger.

Folks who thought that their agonising knee and and back pain would be there for the rest their days.

Folks who’d given up even trying to remember where they left their keys.

Once they started implementing the latest, breakthrough brain training techniques, it was so though a switch was flicked…

Like they were sitting in a dark room and suddenly found the light switch.

They were amazed to see that not only was their waistline finally shrinking week after week.

But they felt more energetic than ever before. Their aches and pains mysteriously vanished. And they experienced more joy interacting with their loved ones, kids, grandkids and friends.

Suddenly their family members couldn’t wait to visit them as they were so much more cheerful and energetic.

Now all of these folks had been following diet and workout routines created by accredited nutritionists, certified personal trainers and even medical professionals.

But were seeing ZERO results.

They were busting their buts in the gym and eating bland, cardboard tasting food.

But their waistlines didn’t change at all.

In fact many complained of feeling MORE tired since they started their “health” regime.

Many dreaded attending their next workout and complained of agonising pain in their muscles and joints for afterwards.

These folk were doing everything right.

They were eating all the tasteless salads their nutritionist instructed. Staying away from salty food like their doctor told them and even lifting weights at the gym like their beef cake personal trainer told them to.

But they were missing ONE important link to bring it all together.

Like when you’re playing ‘bingo’ and you’re one number away from winning the game.

A training program for their most important body-part. Responsible for every decision they make and 100% of their results.

And once they got that one part right.

Their results instantly sky-rocketed. Their stubborn fat suddenly started to disappear at a rapid rate.

They noticed they felt out-of-this-world energy again like they did in their 20s. They could spend hours in the gym without a single bit of pain. Their partners demanded to know HOW they had suddenly turned into a horny teenager in the bedroom.

They found themselves doing activities they were able to perform activities they hadn’t be able to do pain-free in years. Like gardening, playing with their kids and grandkids and looking after themselves without ANY help at all.

Have you ever been on a diet and exercise program that was working great for a few weeks, but then gradually stopped working as you struggled to stick to it?

There are thousands of diet and weight loss programs on the market today. Like weight-watchers, Jenny Craig , the 20/20 diet and a ton of others.

But why is it that 96.3% of people of can’t lose weight and keep it off for good?

If a diet and exercise program was all you needed, why do millions of people still struggle to lose weight every year?

Why do countless numbers of people start a diet and exercise routine. Lose a few pounds. Only to end up weighing more and feeling WORSE 12 months later?

Why does it always feel so HARD to stick to a diet and workout routine for a long time?

Diet and exercise are certainly very important for maintaining a lean, youthful body. But they are not nearly as important as developing a Fat Burning Brain for developing the lean, toned body you always wished you could have.

The Fat Burning Brain System is not just one of those ‘think positive’ feel good system which doesn’t actually generate real results.

You won’t find a host of “positive thinking” self-help junk in the Fat Burning Brain System. You know the stuff that makes you feel insanely motivated for a few hours and flame out in the evening to a bag of potato chips and a bowl of ice cream.

That’s because the system doesn’t just focus on your ‘mindset.’ It focuses on literally changing the WIRING of your brain. That means if you go out and get a brain scan a few weeks after trying out the Fat Burning Brain System, your brain will look visibly different. [xv]

And you will feel the difference every time you feel like going to the gym or need to say no to a chocolate donut.

Sticking to ANY kind of diet or workout plan will FEEL completely different.

Easy. Effortless. And ENJOYABLE…

Then you REALLY need the Fat Burning Brain System.

Your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is shrinking every second of the day at a RAPID rate. With Every day that goes by it will become more and more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. [xvi]

You need to get on the Fat Burning Brain System NOW.

I personally know many people over the age 80 who have turned their life around on this system.

Great! You’ll have a head start on getting the body of your dreams. While all your friends are battling to follow a strict diet for a few weeks only to end up giving up and binging themselves back to where they started.

You’ll be melting away stubborn fat at a RAPID rate. And maintain a lean, defined physique YEAR ROUND. With very little effort.

90% of the methods in The Fat Burning Brain System take literally minutes to perform each day.

Think about all the time you’ve spent in your life trying out crummy diet and workout plans. I bet it’s in the THOUSANDS of hours.

Now imagine adding just a few short minutes to your day and instantly seeing the results you’ve been craving your entire life.

The Fat Burning Brain System is 100% safe. You can do the brain exercises ANYWHERE. There is ZERO risk in the exercises themselves.

You won’t be lifting heavy weights that could break your spine at any moment or tearing up your joints on the treadmill.

You don’t even need a gym membership.

We’ve seen people decide that their brain isn’t important. They decide to follow the same old diet and exercise routine which didn’t work for them the last 17 times.

And the truth is some of them do okay.

They lose a few pounds and feel a little better for a few weeks.

Like 96.3% of people who regain ALL the weight they lose, they slowly start to succumb to temptation.

A treat here, a little desert there. And before they know it, they’ve put back all the weight they lost with interest. They feel flatter and less energetic than ever before.

They feel their nagging knee pain return whenever they try to get up from their chair. They start to have trouble remembering little things like what day it is, or what appointment they were suppose to attend.

Before they know it their doctor is telling them that their arteries are clogged with cholesterol. Their blood pressure is dangerously high. They could have suffer a fatal heart attack at any moment.

And they appear to be in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.

They begin to panic as they realize that the clock is ticking.

But hey, it is possible that you may be in the small percentage who manage to lose all the weight they want and reclaim their health whilst neglecting their aging brain completely.

It is possible that the public health system is not an over bloated disaster and will be able to look after you when when you have a sudden stroke which leaves you paralyzed. Confined to a bed. And in the hands of a dingy nursing home.

It is certainly possible.

But is it really worth the risk?

With the Fat Burning Brain System you’ll be able to ensure that you get to enjoy the best years of your life the way you deserve.

Lean. Stress-free. And BURSTING with youthful energy.

There are some people we DO NOT want to purchase this system.. We mean you NO offence. We just don’t waste your time and money. Ok?

You should NOT purchase the Fat Burning Brain System if:

We’re so confident that The Fat Burning Brain System will be the BEST fat melting, age fighting system you’ve ever purchased, we are going to offer you a DOUBLE money-back guarantee. We take 100% of the risk.

Guarantee 1: If you use our system for 60 days and are not 100% satisfied with the fat burning, age-defying results you experience… Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, ward off unwanted aches and pains or just feel happier and less stressed in general.. We will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked, no hassles.

Guarantee 2: It at any stage you don’t like the ease of purchase, or are even the SLIGHTEST bit unhappy with our customer service.. Again.. We will give you 100% of your money back. We stand by our word and we are committed to YOUR success.

Thanks to the world wide internet, you can start using all of the little known brain training secrets in the Fat Burning Brain System in mere seconds.

Right from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer in digital form.

All the breakthrough techniques will be sent straight to your email inbox.

And there would be virtually nowhere for you to get access to them all in one place.

But I would also have to live with the fact that a number of good people missed out on learning these valuable secrets through no fault of their own. Just because they didn’t have the money.

And I’d also miss out on thousands of great customers for the Health Genie Online brand.

Less than a single meal at a restaurant or even one trip to the movies.

But be warned, after we open the flood gates and let THOUSANDS of people take advantage of this limited-time offer, our servers will reach their maximum capacity and every one of our staff members will be SWAMPED with customers…


See our price schedule below. Make sure you order now and don’t miss out on this amazing value discount.

*Please note: Your 80% discounts expires when the timer hits 00:00

We also want to give you some amazing bonuses to celebrate the release of The Fat Burning Brain System to men and women AROUND THE WORLD..

We want you to be able to look back at the decision to purchase The Fat Burning Brain System as literally the best purchase decision you’ve EVER made in your life.

So here are the amazing bonuses you’ll receive:

We understand that you may not have the time to read The Fat Burning Brain System cover to cover.

So we’ve compiled all of the most important lessons and practical steps to take to develop a fat burning brain into a simple, easy to understand quick-start guide.

You won’t have to read 100 pages of text. You can just spend a few minutes going through the quick start guide and immediately go out and start implementing the little known techniques in The Fat Burning Brain System.

Many folks have reported outstanding results just going through the quick-start guide alone!

Have you noticed that dieting can be a lonely experience? You start your diet, excited to make a positive change. But then your friend rings up and invites you to catch up at a restaurant over dinner.

You REALLY want to go. But you know deep down you’ll be unable to resist all the temptation at a nice restaurant. You decide your health is too important so you reluctantly to turn down the invitation.

You explain to your good friend that you want to, but you really don’t want to fall off your diet. Your friend acts like they are fine with it and they understand.

But slowly over time you notice you see them less and less… Pretty soon they stop inviting you out all together.

You wake up one day and find yourself feeling completely isolated, without a friend in the world.

Feeling completely alone…

The Fat Burning Restaurant Mastery report will show you how you can go out to restaurants, fast food outlets and even home cooked dinners at your friend’s house and NEVER worrying about ruining your diet.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between your social life and your health.

Imagine how great it would it be to keep in touch with your family and closest friends over dinner at a wonderful restaurant without EVER worrying your diet is ruined.

In this free report you will learn:

Have you noticed your energy levels getting lower, brain fog or just a general sense of tiredness since reaching the age of 40?

If you’re struggling with symptoms of menopause which seem to last forever, or sluggish testosterone levels which are making you feel tired and demotivated.

Men and women all over the world begin to notice these unwelcome symptoms once they pass the age of 40.

We’ve compiled a number of natural methods you can begin using today in the Sky High Energy Report so you can feel explosive energy levels again.

In the Sky High Energy Report you’ll discover:

You can decide to not take action today on this amazing system at the lowest price it will ever be offered and keep doing what you’ve always done.

We won’t hold it against you.

But just know you’ve booked yourself a one way ticket to an old age home, if a heart attack doesn’t kill you first.

But even if you miraculously manage to avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and alzheimer’s, you will hate your life.

You will be constantly reminded the grim reaper is breathing down your neck as getting out of bed becomes more and more difficult and the trips to the doctor’s office become more and more frequent.

You will be constantly jumping from one diet program to another but your belly will continue to creep larger and larger with every passing year.

Your playtime with your kids or grandkids will get shorter and shorter as you run out of energy earlier and earlier. You will feel the crippling pain in your joints for DAYS afterwards.

Your will notice your memory get worse by the day until you start to forget BIG things like the names of your kids and grandkids.

The months and years will pass and you will wake up one morning filled with regret as you realize you’ve LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven system… at the lowest price it will EVER be offered.

We believe that you will take up this rare opportunity you KNOW deep down is your greatest chance to put the brakes on the aging process, fill your body with youthful energy and put a spring in your step again.

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Rhys Diab, Certified Exercise Scientist, Founder Of

Shannon Clark, Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Certified Personal Trainer

PS Success requires ACTION. With every second that passes your chances of success drops dramatically.

PPS Just remember the risk is on us. You are protected by an iron clad 60-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. So take action now before it’s too late!

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