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Cricket Bowling Tips and Hints

When bowling in cricket there are many possible cricket tips or hints that can help improve your bowling.

In bowling, a combination of natural ability, good technique and practice is the recipe for good bowling, whether it is fast, slow or spin.

Here are some tips that will help your bowling and when implemented correctly your bowling speed:

The basic grip to hold the ball is to keep the seam vertical and to hold the ball with your index finger and middle finger either side of the seam with the side of your thumb resting on the seam underneath the ball.

In your approach/run in, try to stay:

  • Smooth,
  • Balanced,
  • Economical,
  • Rhythmical,
  • Consistent and stay relaxed and try not to tense up.
  • During your approach and action, your head position is very important. Make sure that as you approach the wicket you are running at a steady, consistent speed, and increase strides. Aim to keep your head as steady and level as possible, looking towards your target.

    Pull your front arm down and through the target area, making sure you complete the delivery with a full follow through.

    Try to keep everything in the same direction, towards your target, keep your hips and shoulders parallel/in-line, and follow through the delivery in the direction where you intend the ball to go.

    Also as a bowler it is very important to stay in great shape, as you’ll enjoy the game more and perform better in the latter stages if you have good stamina. So incorporating some light weight sessions in to your training is important.

    Also aim to try and run 3 times a week to keep your cardiovascular system in top condition and to improve your stamina. South African fast bowler Makhaya Ntini, is well know for running 10Km every morning, even on match days!

    But make sure you consult your coach/doctor/gym instructor before starting any sessions.

    Source by Ian Canaway

    Things to Consider When Having Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

    As your dog advances in years and the cost of vet care increases, it's about time you consider having insurance for older dogs to ensure that they are provided the best health care without breaking the bank. It also allows owners to take advantage of any advancement in vet care that can diagnose diseases earlier.

    Most dog owners who are in the market for insurance for their pets want an insurance that will take care of the bill should their dog get sick which normally occurs as the dog ages. However, not all pet insurance are created equal. It is a must that you read your own thoroughly before you commit to purchasing one as insurance coverage may differ from one company to another.

    You will soon fine out that selecting the right policy is not as simple as it may seem. There are actually thousands of insurance policies for your pet and they may differ significantly in terms of coverage and premium. The best way to start in your selection is to do some great deal of research on the internet for companies offering insurance especially for older dogs. You may also utilize the comparison website to help you choose the right insurance for your dog.

    The annual or monthly contract may depend on major factors such as medical history, any pre-existing conditions, current state of health, your location, breeding, and age of your pet. These factors will determine if your dog can be insured or not.

    It's recommended that you get pet insurance for your dogs as early as possible because the older they get, the higher the premium you're likely to pay. When your dog reaches an age between eight to 10, you will most likely see some surge in the cost of your coverage. You will probably run into some risks of having issues with your pet's pre-existing conditions due to his long list of records with your vet.

    Where you live may also determine the amount of premiums charged. In highly urbanized areas, premiums are much higher compared to those in rural areas. This concept is similar to when you're paying insurance for your home.

    It's well worth knowing that pedigree dogs are generally more expensive to insure as they are usually more prone to suffer on certain diseases. Make sure that your pet insurance covers your dog's breed.

    When your dog is still young and healthy, it's seems so easy to forget about getting an insurance for your pet, but as they get older, you will realize that taking care of their health and well-being gets more expensive as trips to the vet For treatment get more frequent. Pet insurance is designed to give you peace of mind since this will help cover any expenses on vet fees and treatments or surgeries for your dog's injuries or illnesses. It's ideal to have your dogs insured as soon as possible or when they are still young and healthy.

    Source by Jazmine Llaguno

    Is it Love Or Control?

    Has anyone ever said to you, "If you loved me, you would do what I ask?" If they did, I imagine it felt like a "guilty trip." "If you love me, you should do what I want," is control. It is coming from the person's fear and not their love. This is one common way people abuse the concept of love.

    For example, when Steve and Amy were married, they were not interested in practicing religious rituals. Two years later, Steve suddenly told Amy, "I want us to celebrate the Sabbath Sabbath. Amy, a very free spirit, was shocked. She was never considered, and there was no discussion. When she protested, Steve said, "If you love me you will do this for me."

    Needless to say, Amy was furious. She did love her husband, and she felt her objections to his demand had nothing to do with love. Since his desire affected her, she felt it was appropriate for her to have been included in the decision. Can you relate to Amy?

    It would have been different if Steve had approached his wife with his wishes and asked her how she felt about it. Together, they could have come up with a win-win solution. That is the healthy, loving couple. When you are emotionally mature, and you truly love someone, you want them to also be happy.

    In another case, without consulting her husband, Tom, Gabrielle quit her job with the intention of enrolling in college classes. The couple had purchased a home based on both of their incoming. Here was upset because he was told after the fact, and he felt burdened with all the expenses. Gabrielle told Tom to get a second job. "If you love me," she said, "you would support me to follow my dream."

    The car mechanic was extremely resentful. He was coming home at night very tired from his long day at work and had no desire to pursue another job. However, Tom felt guilty for not wanting his wife to go to college at that time. However, he would have preferred that Amy had discussed her wishes with him and made a request instead of a demand. There were also other options including her working part-time or waiting a few years until they had a stronger financial base.

    In both cases, the relationships suffered from the unhealthy dynamics. Love and control are on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum. Control is fear-based and love is obviously love based. True love is unconditional, and we do not have to keep proving that we love our partners. We always want to discuss things together and make decisions as a couple and not unilaterally.

    I suggest that if your partner says, "If you love me, you would do what I say," you can reply, "I love you, and we can say that we can both feel comfortable with what we Decide. That is an essential ingredient for a healthy loving relationship.

    Source by Helene Rothschild

    Three of Osaka’s Best Hospitals

    Osaka is the second largest city of Japan. This financial centre is home to 7% of the Japanese population and also draws in outsiders with its reputation as a major tourist destination. Osaka has many renowned recreational parks, castles, shrines, aquariums and beaches. In general, the health care sector of Osaka is well developed and has many world class hospitals with English speaking employees to care for the needs of visitors to the country. This article outlines some of the better hospitals of Osaka.

    Kitano Hospital, located at 2-4-20 Ohgimachi,Kita-ku,Osaka was founded in 1928 and is operated by the reputable Tazuke Kofukai Foundation. Kitano Hospital has 707 beds and more than 1000 staff. It has full fledged sectors for all medical specialties including dialysis and mind-body medicine. The hospital has well designed OPD, a research center and a relaxation room. The surgery sector features a central operation theater and conducts a variety of general and specific surgeries. The modern hematology department offers effective treatment for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The hospital has 24-hour emergency and ambulatory care and a well equipped emergency room(ER) where service of many physicians and surgeons are available. The departments of anesthesiology and critical care medicine are comprised of 7 staff doctors and 5 residents who work in association to provide the best possible care. The ICU has modern facilities to provide respiratory, sedative, circulatory and analgesic care to patients. This is also a premier institution for medical education and research. Tel: 6-6361-0588

    Sumitomo Hospital situated at 2-2 Nakanoshima 5-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka is another reliable hospital in Osaka that provides high quality health care service. This modern hospital founded in 1921 employs eminent doctors and offers especially good personal care to its patients. This huge health care facility has full fledged departments in all medical specialties including some rare specialties. These special centers include a cancer chemotherapy center, a diabetes center and a digestive disease center. The surgery department has the necessary facilities to perform various operations such as thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, and cardiovascular surgery. In addition, the hospital has well equipped ICUs, an emergency department and various laboratories. Warm accommodations in spacious rooms are provided in the hospital. Tel: (06) 6443-1261

    Nissay Hospital is situated at Itatibori 6-chome, Nishi-ku, 550-0012 in Osaka. It is a well equipped general hospital that offers quality medical service. This modern hospital has achieved the certificate of approval from the Council for Quality Health Care and is recognized by numerous medical societies of Japan. The hospital provides comprehensive health care in every medical department. It has a minimally invasive medical center, a cancer treatment center, and a center for lifestyle-related diseases. The surgery section of the hospital is prepared to conduct endoscopic surgeries such as thoracic, spinal, abdominal, gynecologic and urological surgeries. The hospital also offers effective service in hemodialysis, bone marrow transplants, blood stem cell transplants, antibody therapy, glaucoma surgery, laser photocoagulation and much more. Luxurious accommodations are also available. The hospital is also a well known training and research center, approved by the ministry of health. Tel: 6543-3581

    Source by Belle Kay

    Mushrooms That Can Invade the Sinus Passages

    Lots of people love mushrooms, especially sauteed with a nice steak. But did you know that there are certain kinds of mushrooms that can infect the sinus passages?

    The mushrooms we’re talking about here aren’t the kind used for food, but they belong to the species known as fungi, including certain types of molds. Fungi are organisms that resemble plants, but unlike genuine plants can’t produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Usually these types of fungi live in our warm, moist nasal passages without causing any problems. However, when a body’s resistance is low, these fungi can become harmful.

    Fungi usually feed on dead organic matter, which is why food mushrooms are found living at the roots of trees and in the carpet of leaves composting on a forest floor. Fungi like dark, warm, wet places, just like the insides of our noses. Sometimes fungi can feed on other living organizations, such as the mucus membranes inside nasal and sinus passages. When that happens, these membranes become inflamed and can become infected.

    Molds are a kind of microscopic fungi related to mushrooms. To reproduce themselves, they release spores that can sail through the air like pollen. Fungi of this type can be found throughout the year in many regions. They’re affected by the weather – when’s warm and rainy, or even warm and humid, you can expect an increase in the growth of molds. That’s one of the reasons why it can be essential to control the humidity in a home, to reduce the likelihood of mold growing in the walls, especially on building materials that contain a lot of cellulose (once again, that’s a wood-derived product of the kind that outdoor fungi are so fond of eating).

    Common types of mold found indoors include Aspergillus and its subspecies (A. Flavus, A. Versicolor); Cladosporium; Penicillium; Alternaria and the toxic “Black Mold, ” Stachybotrys atra (S. Atra). Any of these indoor molds can be the microscopic mushrooms that infect sinuses. Sometimes they produce effects that are quite toxic to the human body. The best way to avoid such an infection is by working to prevent their growth in the home, and through good health habits, especially frequent hand washing and other forms of hygiene.

    If you do become infected, see your doctor immediately. And if you suspect fungi may have invaded your home, contact a building specialist to conduct tests. It’s better to be safe than suffer with a fungal infection.

    Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not seek to diagnose, advice or treat any health condition whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health condition, contact your primary care physician for diagnosis, advice and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about any product mentioned in this article.

    Source by Jill S.

    The Acai Berry – A Miracle Supplement?

    By this point, you’ve probably heard a lot about acai berries. They’ve been in the news a lot, are all over the Internet, and have even appeared on Oprah. However, some pretty fantastic claims are also being made for these berries. Can acai actually give you energy, improve sexual performance, and even help you lose weight or get over an illness? Let’s take a look at what an acai berry actually is, and the scientific evidence for and against these miracle claims.

    These berries come from the acai palm, a tree-like grass native to Central and South America which grows in tropical climates. They get about fifteen to thirty meters tall, and have leaves up to three meters long. The plants grow quickly, and are farmed both for the berries and for palm hearts. The recent increase in demand means that more of these palms are being grown to supply it. Acai berries themselves are about the same size and look as a grape. However, there’s less pulp to them, and they grow in groups of seven to nine hundred at once. Each year, an acai palm produces two crops of fruit. There’s one large quarter to half inch seed inside each one.

    Acai fruit have a deep purple or green skim and a thin pulp. The acai berry is mostly seed. It’s eaten by a number of peoples native to Brazil, including the Caboclo, whose diet is nearly half acai. It’s also used in smoothies, sodas, juice blends and other drinks, and may be served with tapioca in norther Brazil. It’s also a popular ice cream flavor. However, as tasty as acai may be, is it really the wonder fruit that people say it is?

    Acai berries have recently been marketed as an extremely helpful supplement, and is sold powdered, as juice, in tablet form, and as whole fruit, as well as a number of other products. Marketers say that consumers of acai have higher energy levels, better digestion, more attractive skin, better sleep, lower cholesterol, and better sexual performance. The fruit is said to have many antioxidants and to be high in fiber. Some people even go to the extremes of saying that acai can reverse chronic illnesses like diabetes, increase penis size, and cause significant weight loss.

    At this time, no controlled studies are available to back these claims up. The United States FDA has not yet evaluated the fruit, and its effectiveness is debatable, particularly in the cases of the most extreme claims. Currently, most research that does exist has been done on powdered freeze dried acai fruit skin and pulp.

    One hundred grams of this extract contains over five hundred calories, thirty-two grams of fat, and fifty-two grams of carbohydrates, with around eight grams of protein. Forty-four grams of the acai carbohydrates in this powder were fiber. These freeze dried, powdered berries are around seven and a half percent amino acids, and contain a negligible amount of vitamin C, as well as some calcium, glutamic acid, iron, vitamin A and aspartic acid.

    Antioxidant potency analysis of acai suggests it is intermediate, scoring below grapes, strawberries and mangoes. In juice form, it’s antioxidant capacity is equivalent to cranberry or black cherry, but lower than concord grape, blueberry, pomegranate and red wine.

    So what’s that mean in regards to the effectiveness of acai berry as a supplement? The statistics tell us that while it’s a tasty exotic fruit (unless you live in South or Central America), it’s not really any more of a miracle than the average high-antioxidant food. It might not be a bad way to get your fruits, but you shouldn’t pay top dollar for it, expecting impressive cures or significant weight loss.

    Source by Napoleon Hill

    Bosch Power Tools

    Ever since 1993, Bosch Power Tools has been the market leader in the power tools segment. Be it any tool in the metalworking, construction and woodworking industry, Bosch meets and fulfills the requirements of professional users with a complete range of power tools. It not only offers its users a comprehensive range of accessories, but also cordless tools and support for all its products.

    All of Bosch’s products are uniquely crafted to deliver highest levels of performance with minimum energy consumption. With the introduction of Lithium Ion Technology, not only are Bosch’s products light in weight and compact, they are environment friendly. From industrial sectors like manufacturing, construction, automotive to home-interiors, Bosch offers the best solutions to include cutting, drilling, driving, polishing, grinding, sanding etc. With 350+ tools, its wide range includes cordless drill machines, range finders, screwdrivers, impact wrenches, surveying equipments and rotary hammers.

    Bosch, for the very first time in India, has also recently introduced DIY (Do-it-yourself) tools for enthusiasts. To promote better healthy lifestyle, it has also launched gardening and home tools to get work around the house done in an efficient manner.

    When it comes to drills, Bosch drills are the best selling in the world. There are numerous varieties of drills. Hammer drills and corded drills are the most commonly used products. All the drills come with a very sturdy, metal gear housing that protects the equipment for life. To ensure high-level work safety, Bosch drills come with an anti-rotation mechanical overload clutch and soft grip for a secure hold. Drill accessories can be easily changed without wasting time with its single-sleeve keyless chuck with auto-lock. For the user to get a secure hold of the equipment, new safety handle with innovative fixing has been introduced. In order to prevent table breaks, the drill comes with a ball grommet for high movement radius. It is engineered for excellence and greatest level of comfort.

    Construction professionals always choose Bosch grinders when it comes to tough grinding applications. Not only are Bosch grinders designed for maximum power and precision, they are reliable and robust. There are many varieties of angle grinders when it comes to metal working such as large angle grinders, small angle grinders, polisher, straight grinder, shears and nibblers. Large angle grinders come with powerful motors and ensure outstanding sturdiness. It is low weight and excellent for handling. Small angle grinders come with Kickback Stop to ensure safety and restart protection. It is ideal for continuous use. From metal to dry stone, Bosch polisher achieves best results, is weightless and comfortable to work. In work in hard-to-reach areas, Bosch straight grinders are the best guaranteeing precise results. Shears are a must-have when it comes to metal plate cutting and circular cuts. Bosch nibblers are compact and are used to cut steel. It prevents material distortion and efficiently performs tight curved cuss at ease. Bosch also offers grinder accessories such as wire wheels, brushes, cup wheels and abrasives that are a perfect match for its trusted grinder line-up.

    Source by Amit A Prakash

    How to Spend Holidays?

    Hi Everybody! Have you noticed that there are so many holidays throughout the year? Such as the Valentines Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and so on. Our living standard has improved a lot, and now we are about to diversify these holidays. I believe that most people will try their best to make their holidays interesting and unforgettable. Would you please share your holidays’ experience to us? At first, it’s my pleasure to share my holidays’ experiences.

    1. Shopping with my friends

    During weekdays, all of us are quite busy, and we may not have much time to contact with our friends. In the holidays, we can enjoy the free time, and stay with our best friends to do what we like. As young girls, we have the same hobbies, and all of us are always curious about all these fashionable and attractive things, such as the makeup, clothes, and backpacks and so on, so we are glad to go out for shopping. There is a benefit for shopping together, which are we can evaluate the item selected by each other, and then we can get the most cost-efficient items. What is your opinion on shopping?

    2. Holding party at home

    In America, it is popular to hold party at home, and most people enjoy the party very much. During holidays, we can invite our friends to our home to enjoy the holidays, and we will make the delicious cake and food, and at the same time, we will prepare various drinks for them. Then they can eat, drink freely, and talk freely. At this time, we can talk anything to our friends; we can share our happy experiences to them, at the same time, if you have met some trouble or unhappy things, you can tell them too, and they will try their best to help us. Party can make your friendship long live.

    3. Climbing the mountain

    During the weekdays, we have to pull all our energy and motion to our job, and these boring things may make us quite exhausted and tired. We are human beings, and we are not the robot, our body needs some relax to recover, and it needs to breathe some fresh air. Therefore, we can do some Aerobic exercise, for climbing the mountain.

    As an office lady, I have paid a lot attention to plan my holidays, and I like climbing very much. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery when you are walking, and when you reached the top of the mountain finally, a great feeling of achievement will possesses your mind. Then at night, you can appreciate the night beauty under you, at the same time, you can use your laser pointer pen ( to point out the very right position of the star. Wow! On the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful city night at beauty, at the same time, with the laser pointer pen; you can also enjoy the beautiful stars! Wow! If you stay with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mountain trip will be much romantic!

    Source by Tracy Chris

    Can not Stop Thinking of You! Love and Life Through and Through

    Baby, I love you!
    Can not stop thinking of you!
    Can not get enough of you!
    Am continuously blessed
    When I'm with you!
    Feel like I'm going crazy
    When I'm without you.
    Yet God always sees me through
    And speedily gets me
    Back to you.
    I value nothing
    More than you.
    Nothing I have
    Nor that which I do.
    Heaven comes to earth
    When I'm with you

    I'm over the moon
    Because of you
    Everything about you
    Genuine, passionate and true
    Continually endears me to you
    I just want to hold and kiss you
    I experience eternal bliss
    Beyond time when I'm with you
    Stuck am I like super glue
    Inseparable are we through and through
    Your love more nourishing than honeydew
    Your milk makes me like a cow moo!
    Intoxicating and Invigorating
    Is my love for you
    Entirely captivated
    Am I for you
    Whatever the reason
    I can not stop
    Thinking of you
    You continuously come to mind
    No matter the day or time
    Despite reason and rhyme
    Mentally fixated am I
    On you
    Not knowing what to do

    I had to write you
    And express my feelings
    Yield to my inward leadings
    Give way to my affections
    Let the waves of emotions roll
    Like a scribe on a scroll
    Like a bird in the air
    Like a child without care
    Like a fish swimming in the water
    Like a father for his daughter
    Like a monkey at the zoo
    Girl, I'm crazy for you!
    I know not what to do
    I can not stop thinking of you!

    Source by Paul Davis

    Revitol Review

    If you want the very best in all-natural skin care, you can find it all at This incredible collection of the very best in skin care addresses every skin care need for both men and women. There’s no need to look all over for the best care for you skin, you can find it all in one convenient place. Whatever your specific care need may be, they have something to address it all. Let them help you find your best skin.

    Their Complete Anti-Aging Solutions address the lines and wrinkles caused by aging. This collection includes 3 easy steps to younger looking skin, and will diminish the appearance of lines & wrinkles as well as promote even skin tone. also has eye cream that will reduce dark under-eye circles, puffiness, and the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around the eye. It’s easy to see how they’ll get you looking your very best in no time.

    Also included in their complete skin care line is the Acne treatment, Acnezine. This incredibly effective treatment gets down to the root of acne and gives you clear skin in weeks. also offers a Cellulite Solution that will eliminate cellulite, dimples, and inches in just weeks. This easy-to-apply solution is made of the finest all-natural ingredients. For those pesky stretch marks, they have an incredible product that reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks and promotes healthy skin. There also is a selection of products for hair removal, skin brightening, and skin exfoliation to provide overall care. is the leader in comprehensive skin care solutions. With such a complete collection of products to address any skin care need, you can easily find the right product to meet your specific need. Let them help you find the way to your perfect skin.

    Source by James V Lunden