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Your Ultimate Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Do you have any idea what you should feed to your dogs? If not then these healthy dog ​​recipes will not only delight the taste buds of your pet dogs but it will also help them to stay healthy. So spare me a few minutes and I will share with you all the details you need to know about it.

The kinds of food you feed to your pet dogs are the basis whether they will live long and healthy or not. But I'm sure no one wants their pet dogs to get sick. So if you want to keep your dogs healthy, then you'd better provide them some healthy stuff. Below are some simple healthy dog ​​food recipes that will certainly delight your dogs' taste buds!

Yummy Bacon Bits for Dogs

  • 5 slices cooked bacon, finely chopped
  • 4 eggs, well beaten
  • 1/4 cup bacon fat
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup non-fat dry milk powder
  • 2 1/2 cup graham flour
  • 1 cup wheat germ
  • 1/2 cup cornmeal


Mix all the ingredients. You can use your hand to mix them in order to incorporate all the ingredients. Make sure to wash your hands first! Bake in a 350 oven for 15 minutes. Turn off the oven. Leave the cooked cookies on the rack inside the oven and let it dry. You can bake for about 4 dozen dog cookies from this simple recipe.

Yummy Yogurt Pups

  • 30oz plain non-fat yogurt
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp chicken bouillon


Dissolve the chicken bouillon on the water and then gradually mix in the yogurt. Blend them all well in medium speed. Store the finish product in the freezer for an hour. Your dog will certainly love this healthy treat!

These simple but great tasting healthy dog ​​food recipes will surely delight your dogs and will also keep them healthy and strong!

Source by Matt Dilson

Healthy Pizza Recipes

Healthy pizza recipes are easily available even if you use the traditional ingredients contained in most recipes. But there is much more to consider. In my view pizza is a complete meal and a great source of healthy nutrition for children and adults alike.

There are no nutrition problems when eating pizza but you must follow some simple guidelines. It is no secret that overeating is the real undering issue not the pizza itself. In fact most pizza recipes contain great sources of all food groups which nutritionists recommend to us for a healthy diet.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when choosing your pizza recipe.

  1. Use fresh ingredients especially especially herbs and spices.
  2. Prepare your own sauces from fresh ingredients especially vegetables and herbs, like tomato, eggplant, basil and onions.
  3. Use the best quality olive oil where it is called for.
  4. Use cheese sparingly. Do not fall into the trap of using too much cheese as this contributes most to the fat content of your pizza. Be restrained! Let the other ingredients and delicious flavors come through.
  5. Remember to have a balanced approach when constructing your pizza. This means making sure that the cheese does not drown out the other ingredients. There is nothing better than tasting the fresh basil, the sumptuous tomato and the delicious eggplant.

There are a few secrets of the trade in making your own pizza; once you know them, it is not hard to make your own and it takes very little time. In fact, after you make it a few times you'll wonder why you made such a big deal out of it.

I have put together a collection of delicious pizza recipes over the years which have given me great joy. I am not overweight mainly because I eat pizza in moderation and use the best combination of delicious fresh and innovative ingredients.

I have learned that you can use seasonal ingredients of almost any kind to create new pizza recipes every year. Would you believe that my kids enjoy fruit pizza for dessert? Well, it's true. I have used pizza recipes to introduce new tastes to my children. When they were related to try Lima beans for example, it was a revelation to me that just put a few on a pizza was a great way to let them taste something new and learn to enjoy it. Naturally I used some complementary ingredients to enhance the flavor but it sure worked.

Source by Michael Haydon

Your Chances of Getting Pregnant at 40

You and your partner have just decided that you finally want to set down and have kids but, surprise! You are now in your 40s and facing fertility issues.

A lot of older women feel anxious about getting pregnant at 40. Well, there is reason to be so. It is a known fact that women's fertility status decline faster than men and a major causal factor is age. Your ovary's ability to produce good quality eggs is at its peak when you are in your 20s. This is the best time to get pregnant to ensure a healthy and normal baby. Upon reaching the age of 30 and beyond, your fertility status starts to decline at a significant rate and it will have weakened by the time you reach 40 and above. This is the reason why women are advised to get pregnant during their young reproductive years rather than getting pregnant at 40 where a lot of risk factors are involved.

Your chances of getting pregnant at 40 may not be good as when you were in your 20s and 30s. However, it is still possible and it can still be done. It may involve numerous visits to your doctor and lots of fertility supplements, but all of that are necessary to help you have a safe pregnancy all through.

There are safe and obtainable methods that can help you reach your goal of getting pregnant at 40.

The first and most important thing that you need to keep in mind is finding the right time to get pregnant. Your days of your ovulation cycle are the target days when you and your partner need to have frequent and unprotected sexual intercourse. Dealing with this at 40 is more cruel than for much younger women because as you get older, your ovulation cycle is not going to be as normal and as regular as when you were in ovulating in your 20s and 30s. So that very short time of the month when you are ovulating is the only opportunity for you to conceive and you should take full advantage of it.

The next important thing to take into account when you are considering about getting pregnant at 40 is to ensure that you and your partner are producing fresh egg and sperm. To keep them fresh, time your sexual activity at the height of your ovulation cycle so that a freshly-released matured egg will meet an equally fresh sperm.

Last and certainly not least, to prepare for pregnancy, always keep your body fit and healthy. Watch your weight and especially what you eat. Take fertility supplements containing right vitamins needed for expectant mothers.

The goal of getting pregnant at 40 may be a difficult one to achieve but it is not impossible. You and your partner need to work hand in hand to achieve that one common goal.

Source by Alice J. Johnson

How to Stop Snoring the Natural and Healthy Way

Snoring is often the butt of unkind jokes, and like many sleep disorders it can be hard for the non-sufferer to empathize. However for people with a severe problem, it can be incredibly disruptive, to multiple aspects of health and wellbeing, from rest to relationships.

Often people are driven to real desperation to find a solution, including surgery to the soft palate. But surgery and anesthesia are not without risks of many kinds, and as the specific cause underlying the snoring problem is strictly identified clearly beforehand, the outcomes are highly variable. For many, pain, risk and recovery time associated with carefully combating the upper respiratory system can end up bringing little or no long-term relief.

Others experiment with various devices, worn on the nose or in the mouth, which seeks to realign the angle of the jaw and open up the throat and airways. For some this can be effective in a functional way, but for a lot of users the qualitative cost is just too high. They are uncomfortable to wear, or do not stay put in the mouth – causing waking that is more disruptive than the snoring in the first place. And for those seeking a solution because of the impact on an intimate relationship … well, a mouthful of plastic is hard a great aid to romance.

Before going down this route, many patients would have been better advised to seek non-surgical options, such as exercise. Many exercises developed in other fields are useful to snorers, including those used by voice therapists and singing trainers: these people work professionally to help their clients open up their airways and release the tensions and blocks which can force the breath through unnaturally constricted openings. They do not take long to perform, but need to be done absolutely correctly, and often involve producing unusual sounds. For many these sounds will be pleasanter than the sounds they produce over and over again through the night, and once the tones are mastered they are easily memorized and repeated.

The multiple of small muscles at the back of the throat and in the nasal passages respond really well to this approach, and over relatively short time period – a few short weeks – the muscles can be lifted and tightened, completely naturally and safely, offering a long term solution to a problem that may have persisted for years. Before embarking on any medical or surgical assistance to ease a snoring problem, it is well worth just trying the exercise route – it offers no risk whatsoever, and can bring results in as little as three weeks time.

Source by Sally Peace

i-Ped Bike Review – What Makes It So Popular?

The All New i-Ped Bike

A really popular foldable bike to enjoy is the i-Ped bike. Like many other kinds of folding bicycles, this one can also be taken just about anywhere. It is especially designed for users to easily carry or ride to any place.

People who wish to own one but have limited storage space in the house can benefit from this innovative product. Since it is foldable, any user can easily place it into corners, under the table, or even inside the room. No more problems when it comes to parking or keeping your bike while not in use.

If you are staying in a condominium, apartment, dormitory, studio flats, or any other first-class properties, the i-Ped bike is best for you. You can quickly and easily fold and carry it inside your unit after a day’s use.

Leaving it outside or parking it in an open space is no longer necessary. Now you can have a safe and secure storage area. By bringing it inside the room, you can keep it safe from harm or thief. This is one of the biggest benefits you can get from getting a foldable bicycle.

The trouble with storage space is obviously cancelled with the i-Ped bike. Now, you need to deal with the transportation – another concern which most people have. This innovative product allows you to commute to work, convenient store, coffee shop, or anywhere in town.

Visiting the park or your neighbor’s house is no longer a problem. So, obviously, an i-Ped user can get rid of the difficulty in meeting your needs when it comes to storage space and transportation.

To achieve convenience and comfort as I have discussed in the earlier paragraphs, all you need to do is to fold up the bike whenever it’s not in use.

Also, if you want to bring it with you during vacation or short visit to somewhere, you can easily place is in your car’s trunk. It is ultimately foldable, so there’s no problem when you want to bring it for your weekend outdoor adventures.

The i-Ped bike is hassle-free, unlike other foldable bikes, this one is modified making it easier for you to fold and unfold.

Moreover, the performance is enhanced despite the easier foldable function integrated into it. The total function of this new product of technology is more improved to further meet the needs of users.

When you buy an i-Ped bike, you will also have the bag which can be conveniently used for it’s storage. It is built with aluminum wheels with chrome spokes, steel fender, and hand-controlled front and rear brakes.

It has amazing features of the Kenda 26-inch tires and 6-speed Shimano gear component. It also includes a hand bell ringer, luggage rack, kick stand, and reflectors for safety purposes. The manual or guide on how to fold and unfold the bike properly is also included in the package.

Source by Kim B Brown

How To Keep Healthy During Pregnancy

It has been said that a woman's disposition during pregnancy will pass on to the baby in her womb. A happy and secure mother cultivates an optimistic attitude that is beneficial to the unborn child. Staying physically healthy with positive attitude will provide for a favorable and normal delivery.

A pregnant woman, in general, can usually carry on with her normal way of life. Although it is advised that everything she should be in moderation. From her daily routine to the amount of rest she takes, everything should not be done in excess. She should avoid strenuous physical activities like playing basketball, tennis or horse back riding. Lifting heavy objects or even stooping should be avoided.

Engaging in moderate physical exercise is beneficial to her health. Activities like walking and gardening are especially beneficial and may actually contribute to the process of easier childbirth.

During pregnancy, she should dress in comfortable outfits that will not restrict the flow of blood through her veins. She should avoid the use of tight fitting dresses or round garters as these may interfere with the proper blood flow. She should minimize using high-heeled shoes, instead flat shoes are recommended. These will not only relax her feet but will give her proper balance as well.

The skin glands are more active during pregnancy than at any other times, that's why it is necessary to take a bath daily. Because of the additional weight and the changing physical form, a pregnant woman usually moves awkwardly. For this reason, she should take extra care during showers and in moving around the bathtub. Installing non-slip pads will give the added safety that is necessary in a pregnant woman's environment. It is also advised that she should take showers in preference to tub baths. In this way, the introduction of germs to the areas that will form the birth canal will be avoided.

Sex during pregnancy is not at all restricted, although as with any other activity, it should always be in moderation. Intimacy between husband and wife should be present, as this will give the woman, security and the needed affection. If possible the husband should accompany his wife on her every visit to the doctor. This will further strengthen their bond as they both anxiously wait for the fruit of their love to come out into the world.

Since there is a reduced mobility for a pregnant woman because of her awkward movements, changing physical form and the fatigue that she usually experiences, it is advisable for her to use the telephone to continue socializing with her friends. This will also protect her from contracting communicable diseases especially German measures, colds and flu.

The increase in size and weight is normal for a pregnant woman. This is thought about by an increase in the size of her breasts, uterus and some other muscles, not to mention the growing fetus in her womb. During pregnancy, the woman's food intake also increases to nourish both herself and the developing fetus. However, there is only an acceptable percentage of weight growth that is considered to be within normal range. Beyond this, childbirth may be difficult because of an overweight baby and some complications may arise. Beside, she may not be able to go back to her regular weight after childbirth. Weight increase is determined by the mother's food intake and the amount of exercise she engages in. On the other hand, lack of nutrients caused by insufficient diet will also interfere with the normal development of the child. Caution is required in order to avoid these two extremes. Proper diet is therefore necessary to have a healthy pregnancy. Experts and nutritionists advocate that a pregnant woman should nourish herself around the seven food groups. These are protein, whole grain, leafy green vegetables, yellow vegetables, citrus and other fruits, dairy products and oils and fats, although in moderation only.

Smoking is one habit an expectant mother should stop. According to studies, premature births are prevalent among smoking mothers as compared with non-smoking moms. It also shows that birth weight is usually below normal in babies coming from smoking mothers. The vitality of the unborn child is usually reduced with smoking.

Therefore, for an expectant mother, staying healthy in mind and body is essential for a normal and healthy delivery. A happy mother will bear a happy child, although this has not yet been proved clinically but a person's positive outlook and attitude can influence her state of health. Stay happy, healthy and proudly welcome your child with optimism and joy.

Source by Michael Russell

Healthy Barbecue Guide

If you're anything like me, when you think of summer barbecues you think of burgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, and lots of other delicately fattening foods. But it does not have to be that way. You can have a tasty, healthy barbecue without piling on the pounds. Here's how.

1. Make Your Own Burgers

Instead of buying ready made burgers that are full of fat, salt and other nasties, make your own. Buy some 95% lean ground beef and pat it into burger shapes, using about 1/4 lb per patty. One patty will contain just 140 calories and 5.4 grams fat. Substitute whole wheat buns for white ones, add salad and avocado and, voila, a healthy, delicious burger!

2. Have chicken instead of hot dogs

Instead of gorging yourself on fatty, salty hot dogs, opt for some lean chicken in a tasty marinade. I like to use chicken tenders rather than full breasts because they cook quicker. An hour before you light the grill, mix the chicken with a marinade of your choosing. Then, when the grill is hot, throw on the chicken and enjoy.

Here are my two favorite home marinades:

(a) Mix together a bunch of chopped, fresh cilantro, 1 chopped chili, 2 cloves crushed garlic and 1 freshly squeezed lime.

(b) Combine 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 3 cloves crushed garlic, 1 chopped chili.

3.Grill Some Fish

Grilled fish is delicious and healthy. You can marinade it before cooking or just put a little salt, pepper and lemon juice on it before serving. Either way, this is a great, healthy alternative to many of the barbecue usual suspects.

4. Try Vegetable Kebabs

Vegetarian kebabs are a wonderfully tasty way to up your daily intake of veggies. All you will need is some skewers, plenty of vegetables and a hot grill. I usually use red onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, garlic, and zucchini, but you can use any vegetables that take your fancy. Chop them into 1 inch cubes, line them up on the skewers and cook.

5. Throw on Some Corn

Fresh corn on the cob is a fantastic source of thiamin (vitamin B1), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), folate, dietary fiber, vitamin C, phosphorus and manganese. It can help maintain a healthy heart, support energy production, maintain your memory and support lung health. So what better reason could there be to throw some corn on the barby? Just make sure you savor the naturally sweet flavor without coating it in butter!

6. Kill the Mayo

Summer barbecues always seem to be filled with mayonnaise. It's everywhere – in the coleslaw, the potato salad, the spinach dip. So if you want to have a healthy barbecue, make a pact with yourself that you'll avoid all foods with mayonnaise.

7. Avoid the chips

I know it's a lot to ask, but if you really want to stay trim this summer, you're going to have to avoid the potato chips. It's so easy to stand chatting, beer in hand, slowly working your way through a bowl of potato chips. But remember this – one 8 ounce bag of potato chips contains 85 grams of fat. That's 131% of your daily recommended intake of fat and 124% of that is planned. If you're going to find this one difficult, just do not stand near the bowl.

8. Salad, salad, salad

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy tasty salads. Instead of gorging on 3 burgers, take just one and fill your plate with plenty of fresh salad. And instead of slathering it with hundreds of calories of dressing, try a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil instead.

9. Have a Fruity Desert

You can eliminate a huge portion of fat and calories from your usual barbecue intake by avoiding cookies and cake for desert, and opting for fresh fruit instead. Watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, mango and many other fruits make delicious summer deserts. And they are far kinder to your hips!

10. Do not Drink Your Calories

We often forget that our drinks make up part of our daily calorie intake. Make sure you do not consume your daily amount at the cooler next time you're at a barbeque. Swap an ice cold sparkling water for that sugary soda you usually drink, or have a vodka, lime and soda instead of a sugary cocktail or calorie-laden beer. And if you really want a soda or a beer, just keep it at one or two. Do not gorge yourself.

As you can see, I'm not suggesting that you eat rice cakes and low fat cottage cheese at your next barbecue. But with some simple tweaks to the usual menu, you can have a delicious feast without piling on the pounds.

Source by Esther Schultz

Eating Healthy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is no magic which can occur over night. You have to practice struggle your way down the weight ladder. Eating healthy is the key to gradual weight loss. We eat food every day but do you think what we are eating? We are mostly eating junk food and not eating healthy food. We are eating for filling our stomach and fulfilling our taste buds but not for our health. Now that you are overweight and are planning to have some weight loss, it is the ripe time to start eating in an unhealthy manner.

First of all, lets clear the misconception that by just replacing 'bad foods' in their diet by the 'healthy foods' their energy levels will increase, the health will improve and there will be weight loss, but in reality in the long run you always run the risk of ruining your health due ot other problems which will come with such a diet arising out of some sort of deficiency in your eating habits.

By eating healthy, we do not mean eating those so called 'healthy foods' but eating such food which will provide you with optimum energy and health which will go a long way in your weight loss program. The food you must eat should have a proper balance of all the good nutrients which the body needs all the while eliminating the unwanted fats from the diet. Now what would institute nutritious depends upon an individual body, energy needs, race, gender, age, health, and overall genetic make-up of the person.

Eating Healthy plan includes providing the body with a balanced diet consisting of all the four groups of food normally fruits, dairy, vegetables and meat. The body will receive all the necessary nutrients which are required to remain healthy and cutting flab from your body gradually.

Source by Brian I Park

Foods That Make You Feel Great and Stay Healthy, Part 3

They say that you are what you eat. If that is true, most of us are in trouble. I complied a list of foods that, if you eat, will make you feel more energetic, and all around better. Enjoy these foods and watch your body change as it becomes more nourished and healthy.

There are some foods that are better than others. Foods that are high in nutrients have been proven to support you immune system and fighting disease. I have made a list of some of these foods. Implement as many of them as you can into your daily diet. You will be happy that you did.


Almonds are better than other nuts because the unsaturated fat in them can help lower your cholesterol. They are one of the best benefits of vitamin E. Vitamin E protects you body against high blood pressure and heart attacks, they are also high in calcium and magnesium, vitamin B, niacin and riboflavin


Apples fight the free radicals that lead to heart disease and cancer. Eat them with the peel on to boost your fiber intake, this can lower cholesterol. Apples are low on the glycemic index meaning that they help keep blood sugar levels steady and stave off hunger longer than other fruits.

Bell peppers

Bell peppers are outstanding for their ability to boost your immune system and fight free-radical damage to your cells, helping you to fend off ailments such as cancer and heart disease. Green, yellow, and orange bell peppers are among the best vegetable sources of vitamin C, but red bell peppers are even better they provide three times as much vitamin C as oranges. Bell peppers are also an excellent source of cancer-fighting beta carotene, but red peppers still rule, providing 20 times more than other peppers.


Berries contain nutrients that prevent the cell damage that may lead to cancer. Blackberries contain vitamin E which protects your heart, and one cup of raspberries provide one third of your daily requirement of fiber. Berries also strengthen blood vessels, protect your heart, eyesight, and reducing risk for heart disease.

Brazil nuts

They are among the best sources of selenium, an important cancer-fighting mineral that also protects your heart. Experts recommend 2 Brazil nuts a day, just like you would take a vitamin. That serving provides roughly 150 mcg of selenium. Brazil nuts also benefit your heart because they are rich in vitamin E.

Eating these foods on a daily basis will have you on the road to a healthier you in no time.
Below are some great resources to assist you in getting healthy.

Source by Diana Simmons

Skin Care Guide To Bring Back Healthy And Young Looking Eyes

Eye wrinkles usually appear first before the other signs of skin aging. The skin around the eyes is very susceptible to damages because of its fragile and weak structure. That being said, you have to pay extra attention to the area around your eyes.

If you want to bring back healthy and young looking eyes, here is a guide that can help you out.

1. Increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins A, C and E. Also eat more nuts, fishes and lean meat. You need to augment missing amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and copper.

Vitamins A, C and E are anti aging vitamins. They work together in repairing damaged skin tissues, boosting collagen production and protecting skin cells from their impending deterioration. Copper is also vital because of its ability to harness the body's production of copper peptides. These peptides are needed to plump up weak skin cells and increase keratin production.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are needed to produce more collagen. Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent the fast deterioration of skin structure. This also keeps skin cells young and healthy.

2. Try using an effective eye mask. Blend one cup of dried ripe papaya, two tablespoons of safflower oil, a pinch of pearl powder and gelatine powder. Apply this around your eyes.

Papaya contains beta carotene that can heal damaged skin tissues. Safflower oil is a good source of linoleic acid that can re-connect broken tissues. Pearl powder is a great source of keratin. Gelatine is a precursor of keratin. These ingredients will help bring back the natural elasticity of the dermis around the eyes.

3. Use a good eye cream. It should contain beneficial natural ingredients such as CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame, Babassu and Eyeliss.

CynergyTK infuses more keratin to the dermis. This ingredient has been extracted from the wool of sheep. It can effectively boost the production of collagen in the dermis so the area around your eyes can remain young and healthy.

Phytessence Wakame is a type of Japanese sea kelp that can prevent the loss of hyaluronic acid. This acid is needed to consistently moisturize skin tissues and cells. The area around the eyes is former to dry skin condition because of improper fluid distribution. This is why you need to maintain healthy levels of hyaluronic acid to nourish skin cells and tissues.

Babassu has emollient properties that can hydrate the inner layers of the skin. This element also creates an invisible shield on the surface of the dermis. This shield can help ward off harmful toxins and pollutants

Eyeliss is an ingredient that can help plump up weak skin cells and tissues. It contains copper peptides that can encourage the re-growth of collagen fibers.

Source by Elizabeth Simpson