Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The 13 Rules of Freemen

I was reading about Ramon Emerito Betances who is considered "the father of Puerto Rico" and came across his "Ten Commandments of Free Men" after I read it I was impressed to write my own list. So I came up with "The Thirteen Rules of Free Men" and went from there hope this will make people think and make up their own list or if you want to add your ideas on this list.

"The 13 rules of free men"


1. think Liberty and freedom are a birthright not a privilege.

2. think the right to bear arms is a birthright not a privilege.

3. think the right to Free Speech is a birthright not a privilege.

4. are brothers under one God regardless of race, color, ethnicity, social standing, financial standing and political standing or religion.

5. view politics as a means for close minded people to achieve power and to destroy Freedom.

6. view ideas as a means of conquering the masses.

7. know that knowing history can prevent you from making the same mistake in the future.

8. know that by speaking your mind and expressing your beliefs may make others uncomfortable. But you must say what you feel your ideas may open their eyes.

9. know at one day we will have to stand up and fight against our own who do not see what we see.

10. read Strike-The-Root.com, WhatReallyHappened.com and LewRockwell.com

11. Must have some knowledge about Government workings and plans

12. know thatoting for any candidate will only bring another thief into office

13. Behind every Free man there is an equal Freewoman.

Source by Jose L Romero

Five of the Best Cruise Lines

Do you want to have a holiday in an extravagant way? Do you want to live in a lavish way while you are on a vacation? If the answers to both of the questions are yes then you need to try cruising. Most cruises cost a lot but they are worth your money. You get to reach different countries by traveling through different oceans or seas. The amenities of most of the cruise ships are also excellent that you will really feel as if you are inside a hotel in Vegas.

1) Crystal Cruises is the top one of the best rated cruise lines. It is popular as the cruise that have elegant ships. Their ships are also very large and spacious. It boasts to have the finest amenities for hospitality and leisure. Crystal Cruises has won several awards for their entertainment amenities. They also won for serving the most delicious cuisine for cruise ships. Their sips can accommodate nine hundred hundred to one thousand two hundred guests. They have destinations all over the world. Their ships go to some of the most beautiful cities and exotic islands.

2) Regent seven seas is the top two of the best rated cruise lines. This cruise explore the exotic places in the world. They even go to places you may have never heard before. They cover routes that are considered remote on earth. These are places you may not have seen on the television or in the theaters. This is the best cruise for those who love exploring nature.

3) Oceania Cruises is the top three of the best rated cruise lines. This is the cruise that gives guests plenty of time to tour the city it reaches. Guests can stay in the city's port for one night. This cruise goes to some of the world's most beautiful ports. This cruise is also popular for having the largest number of activities offered for a day. The guests are treated to wine tasting events, live band concerts, festivals and other events in the community.

4) Disney Cruise line is the top four of the best rated cruise lines. This is the cruise famous for providing the great entertainment for the family. This is the best cruise line for a family vacation. This is the best cruise line for kids because they get to see popular characters from Disney.

5) Celebrity Cruises is the top five of the best rated cruise lines. This is the cruise that pampers their guests the treatment that celebrities receive. For two guests there is one person from the staff who will be at your service all the time. Celebrity Cruises is also known for having the best amenities for spa lovers.

Source by Kenny Leones

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Skin Care After the Procedure

You might wonder if you had done proper treatment for your skin after your laser hair removal treatment. If you had applied the right moisturizers, if it is recommended to apply make-up and other stuffs that you don’t know if it would damage your treated skin. However, this article aims to present the right treatment for your skin right after your laser hair removal treatment.

Right after your laser hair removal treatment, your skin would automatically feel fluffy, painful or uncomfortable to touch, would look red and swollen. The moment you arrived home, you have to continue putting a cold compress on the treated area. This is done to numb your skin so you won’t feel any pain and it will also reduce the swelling. Aside from this, you could also put ice packs or you could use a hand towel, dipped in cold water, and apply it repeatedly on your skin. Do this for as long as necessary. Meaning, for as long as you couldn’t feel any pain anymore. Normally, it takes 2-3 hours of doing this, before the pain would subside.

Within 24 hours after your treatment, you should avoid sweating. Do not exercise or do something strenuous. It is because sweating will cause irritation to the treated skin. However, you also need to avoid using deodorant, if the treated skin is on your underarms. Deodorant might irritate your extra sensitive skin. What you need to do is to clean the area with a gentle cleanser or soap.

Applying moisturizing creams to your treated skin could also help your skin in healing itself. However, please do not use antibacterial creams since they would dry your skin and would ultimately irritate it. Moreover, within 5 days to 1 week, you can’t shave, wax, tweeze, pluck nor bleach the treated area. Your skin is too sensitive at that time for these abrasive methods, which might lead to irritation, infection and inflammation. You can only resume shaving after 1 week. But no waxing, tweezing, plucking and bleaching until you have finished all the required treatments as prescribed by your laser specialist.

One more thing, it is very important to apply sunblock on the treated skin. Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by using sunblocks with higher SPF, 30 or more. Do not, under any circumstances, parade into the sun without any protection. There is a high possibility of burning, swelling or infection.

If you had done everything I’ve mentioned above, then rest assured you are doing well in taking care of your skin right after a laser hair removal treatment.

Source by Vita Bandalapersigas

Rangoli Designs – What Is Their Significance?

Rangoli designs are made on the floor and the only way to do it is to squat, bend over or sit on the floor. Early in the morning, the women of the home bathe and then indulge in the rangoli ritual. This provides an excellent exercise to the abdominal muscles and arms. More importantly, the process of joining dots and lines is pretty complicated. So, when you make a design, you cannot help but concentrate on the art. This provides a kind of meditative effect early in the morning and purifies the entire body and mind.

Secondly, art is a therapy. It is a great way of reviving dull spirits and spreading cheer in the body and mind. Performing an art form, be it of any kind including music, dance, painting or rangoli, is a deeply satisfying. Happy hormones are triggered in the brain which spread a feeling of wellbeing in a person. Also, this art form enhances creativity in a person. When a woman begins her day by making a rangoli, her creative juices are triggered and they help her manage her household more efficiently. There can be no better way to begin your than indulging in an artistic form and Indian culture has naturally created a way to make this happen. So, these designs are not just for making your house look welcome; they are also meant to purify and energize your body, mind and soul.

Thirdly, the mythological importance of rangoli designs cannot be subjugated. It is believed that these designs welcome deities who bring luck, wealth and prosperity to a household. In a way, this concept can be proved scientifically as well. If you relate luck, prosperity and wealth to positive energy forms, the mystery unravels. This art form uses bright colors which are instantly captivating. When a person visits your home and sees the design at your doorstep, he feels good about the art and so, the negative energies in him are subdued. Also, the use of antiseptic natural materials such as turmeric in the designs spread positivity in the air and keeps negative energies at bay. Finally, there is no ill will because of this art form even from little creatures such as ants because they are happy and satisfied with the rice flour used in making rangoli. Universal coexistence is promoted.

The symmetric shapes, the beauty and the uniqueness of these designs bring only goodness into the home. It does help that making rangoli designs is great fun as well. You are cheered and you feel good every time you see your artwork. It really helps to keep your home happy and positive in its own way. The profundity of Indian culture and deep rooted traditions is astounding. Practicing the rituals definitely leads to better health and a happier life.

For more visit Rangoli

Source by Jennie Kakkad

Growing Tomatoes Made Easy – Part 2

There are two ways to plant tomatoes. The first way is to buy healthy, stocky transplants or start your own seeds indoors about six to eight weeks before planting time. The second way is to plant seeds directly in the garden.

There are pluses and minuses with each method. If you buy transplants you are limited to the varieties the garden centers have. If you start your seeds indoors you have an unlimited selection of varieties, but there is a little work to be done. And if you plant seeds directly in the garden, you have an unlimited selection and hardly any work but you have to wait a little longer for harvest.

Whichever method you choose you should be ready to plant about two weeks after the last frost of the spring. Make sure your soil temperature is at least 55 degrees F and the night time temperatures stay above 45 degrees F.

For direct seeding use a hoe and make a trench about one inch deep the entire length of your row. Place about three or four seeds each at the proper spacing for your variety along the row. Cover the seeds with one quarter to one half inch of soil and gently firm it down with the end of your hoe. Water in well with a watering can or the mist setting on a water hose, being careful not to blast the seeds out of the ground with a hard stream of water.

For transplants you either buy or start indoors, the time to plant is the same as with direct seeding. About two weeks after the last frost of the spring, set your transplants in the ground. At the proper spacing for your variety, dig a hole one foot deep and one foot in diameter. Mix 5-10-5 fertilizer and agricultural lime in your hand and drop it in the planting hole and put soil on top of it. Plant your tomato in the hole up to a couple of inches of the bottom set of leaves and firm up the soil around the plant.

To cut down on chances of a disease called Early blight, mulch around the new transplant with grass clippings, hay, wheat straw or even newspapers. Do this before you water the transplants in to keep soil from splashing onto the leaves, which is a big cause of early blight.

Instead of dropping fertilizer and lime in your planting hole, you can just drop lime in the hole before planting and water the transplants in with liquid fertilizer.

Source by Gary Eubanks

What is the Ultimate Lifestyle?

Since the mission of this newsletter is to help you define,
Carve out, and live your own Ultimate Lifestyle, I figured I
Should devote some space to laying a proper foundation for
Doing that.

Before you can hit a target, you need to know where it is!
So, to begin, let's answer the question:

What is The Ultimate Lifestyle?

First of all, it's different for different people. There are
No rules or formulas. For some people, it means a lot of
Money, lots of "stuff," a fast-paced and "jet-set" sort of
Lifestyle. For others, it means a very simple, slow-paced
Life that focuses on service to others. And for others, it's
Every possible scenario in between these two "extremes."

There's no right or wrong lifestyle, or good or bad

There's just what works for you – and it will likely change
Over time. I know it has for me.

No matter how you end up defining Ultimate Lifestyle for
Yourself, now and in the future, there are 8 components that
Must be considered:

1) Income Streams

To live your Ultimate Lifestyle, you must have income
Streams flowing that allow you to pay your bills and finance
All the "extras" you prefer. To me, the ultimate target to
Shoot for in arena arena is to have income streams flowing
Whether you "show up" for "work" or not, so you can choose
What you want to show up for (even if it continues to be
What you call "work" or a "job.").

That's what I've been able to realize by applying my
Invisible Path / 11th Element strategies combined with direct
Marketing on and off the Internet.

Having income streams streaming whether you show up or now
Seems like "pie in the sky" to many people, but it's
Actually very attainable in today's world. You'll learn more
About how to do it in future issues.

2) Emotions and Beliefs

Many people fail to create their Ultimate Lifestyle because
They have emotional blocks, issues, or beliefs (what I call
"P.s's." Egypt "master biography files") that hold them back.
Other people have produced extra results and could
Live their Ultimate Lifestyle, but their blocks, issues or
Beliefs prevent them from doing it – or fully enjoying it.

Therefore, living The Ultimate Lifestyle must include having
Access to resources and inner skills that allow you to
Remove and remove, heal, or release any blocks, issues or
Beliefs that hold you back. You'll learn more about how to
Do that in future issues.

3) Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Whether you have a 9-5 job and career, you're a full-time
Mom, or whatever you do with your time, a big part of living
The Ultimate Lifestyle means getting as much fulfillment and
Satisfaction from what you spend your time on as possible.

Many people do not ask for this, do not focus on this, and
Therefore do not get it. You must make it part of your
Intention and focus!

4) Living Environment

How and where do you want to live? In the mountains? In the
Big city? On the water? Multiple homes? Do you want to live
In a big home or a small home? Is privacy or seeing
Beautiful scenery out your windows important to you? Do you
Like modern furnishings, antiques, or an eclectic mix?
Living the Ultimate Lifestyle means asking these questions
And having a home base that nourishes you at a very deep
Level. My family recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia
In pursuit of the nourishing living environment we craved –
And we got it, even better than we expected!

5) Relationships

What good is having income streams, a healthy emotional
Life, empowering belief systems, a great living environment,
And a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from how you
Spend you time if you're alone (and do not want to be) or
Your relationships with significant others (parents,
Siblings, kids, associates, etc.) are a mess? Believe me, I
Know about this one from long personal experience (before
Meeting my wife, Cecily).

Therefore, living The Ultimate Lifestyle must include having
Access to resources and inner skills that allow you to
Attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships.

6) Health

Again, what good is having income streams, a healthy
Emotional life, empowering belief systems, a great living
Environment, fulfillment and satisfaction, and great
Relationships if you have health problems that drag your
Quality of life into the gutter?

Dr. Robert Lindberg says, "We spend most of our life gaining
Wealth and we then spend most of our wealth on gaining back
Our health. "

Living The Ultimate Lifestyle means having access to
Knowledge, resources, and skills that allow you to get
Healthy, stay healthy, and quickly resolve difficulties if
And when they arise. I discussed some of the resources I use
For this in previous issues, and will continue to share them
In future issues,

7) Time

You can have income streams, a healthy emotional life,
Empowering belief systems, a great living environment,
Fulfillment and satisfaction, great relationships and health
And if you do not have any time to do what you love, to
Follow your non-work passions, or to truly enjoy anything,
What's the point? I know many people who could absolutely be
Living their Ultimate Lifestyle, but they choose to work too
Much, to the detriment of their quality of life. That's too
Bad – to have the choice and ability and not do it.

8) Wealth Building, Management, and Responsibility

The final component to living The Ultimate Lifestyle is
Having systems in place that allow you to use your income
Streams to create wealth (as you define it), manage it, grow
It, protect it, structure your financial and business
Affairs for maximum efficiency and personal benefit, and
Find ways of contributing and giving back (if that's
Important to you, which it is to me and my wife).

I'll be writing a follow up article, called "The fuel that drives the Ultimate Lifestyle" shortly.

Source by Bob Scheinfeld

Awareness Check Point – Where Do You Live?

Envision this: Peace, wellness, freedom, trust, reception, gratitude, abundance, joy, blessings, energy, confidence, authenticity, giving, allowing, connection, passion, openness, creativity, bliss, love, courage, prosperity, self acceptance.
(Feels pretty good, yes?)

Now go here: (but not for long) Worry, doubt, fear, angst, hopelessness, blame, scarcity, grasping, anxiety, ego, sickness, victim hood, addiction, obsession, panic, resentment, grief, revenge, depression, lack , Shame, suffering, despair.

(A definite case of the icky icks and you now need a shower.)

Did you feel the vast contrast of both of those places? All right, so now it's truth time. Which of these places do you hang out in the most? If you do not live in the best feeling places often, then why not? What's stopping you from doing so? If you're interested in reconnecting to the abundant wellspring of power that lies inside, then this is your Divine appointment to get started. The life you've been craving is patiently waiting for you to say Yes let's venture on the light already!

Take a minute and ask yourself if you think it's really possible to take up a permanent … or at least a consistent … residence at this Divine Address of feeling good. Underneath all of the repetitive ego banter, does your heart KNOW that you deserve to feel good, and often, at that? A simple request … be gentle with yourself and your findings and know that you are expanding your consciousness in this very moment. Know that your answers are completely INFORMATION. All of this inquiry is part of your shift that's happening right now.

Feeling good IS your natural state and your glorious birthright! Notice if the thought of that TRUTH scares you or excites you. You are safe to delve deep here. In fact, you are encouraged to eavesdrop into your very soul and notice your internal conversations. For only you know the answers and they are to be blessed, for they are leading you to your expansion right now.

The objective here is to determine what areas you take up residence in the most, so you can now declare where you'd like to end up. You have to know where you are before you map out the journey towards your final destination, do not you? Just ask any GPS. The good news is that you have been directed to this point, and you can breathe easy now and know you are well on your vibrant way.

If you are suspecting or even knowing that your daily pattern is to act from the not so positive emotions, relax. This is not a time for beating yourself up. Resist going there and feeding that pattern. If you do vibrate in these darker places often, it's probably safe to say that you are most likely curious about how to live in the better feeling places.

Do you already live your life from the higher spectrum of emotions? If so, you are our inspiration and our role models and we need you. We bless you, revere you and desire to learn from your being! Thank you for teaching us by example that this ever-present good feeling reality is possible. You are lighting the way for us all.

The bottom line is this: You have CHOICE.

To accept your invitation to your new reality:

1. Become aware of where you are.

2. Check in to see if this is where you want to be.

3. If you warn to shift to a different place, then CHOOSE it.


Just reach for a thought that feels a little bit better, and your life will change. A little bit better … a little bit better … a little bit better … and before you know it, you have reached your own personal state of feeling good.

And That is a very savory moment.

And now you have officially entered – Heaven on earth.

Welcome home …

Source by Amy Kay Raymond

Why Her Voice May Signal the Best Time to Conceive – TTC 101

Trying to have a baby is an important time between couples. The decision to have children is only the beginning, and in some cases, the ability get conceive may take several months, or even longer.

Tips on conceiving a child have been around for thousands of years and have spanned across all cultures. Science can also help in providing some of those tools that can be used to determine the best time to try for a new baby.

A study in done in October of 2008 at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) may lend credence that women have a tendency to give off signals when their bodies are most fertile. For couples who are “Trying to Conceive”, this may be another tool to use to assist in starting a family.

The study was run with about 70 women that averaged about 20 years of age, with normal cycles and not currently using birth control. Researchers conducted tests to see if hormone changes affected the participant’s voices during their most fertile times of the month.

Researchers recorded each subject during the course of the month as a baseline for comparison and sampling. Each subject was to speak the following sentence “Hi, I’m a student at UCLA” during their peak and low end of their fertility cycles.

When these recordings were compared, researchers found a distinct difference in the level of pitch at the peak of their fertility cycle which was about 48 hours prior to ovulation. Researchers hypothesized that the change in hormones during that time might account for the change in their voices.

In summary, scientists are continually looking at ways to help couples in their quest to start a family. Having children can be a frustrating experience if the couple is ready, but the process does not produce expected results quickly enough. Conceiving tips like these may help couples in trying to get pregnant naturally.

Source by Stewart Bailey

Efficient Email

Checking email too often is a significant productivity drain. Email by its very nature isn’t usually urgent unless it’s your entire job, such as answering customer support emails. Here are some tips to prevent email from taking too big a chunk out of your day.

1. Decide in advance exactly when you’ll check email.

Don’t check email haphazardly. You can easily waste 30-60 minutes per day checking email too often. In most cases you should be fine checking your email 3x per day maximum. I typically check mine in the morning, at lunch, and at the end of the workday. And that’s only if I’m involved in active open-loop communications. If I don’t have any active open loops, then I’ll usually check email once or twice a day. Handle your email in batches to increase your efficiency.

Experiment with how often you really need to check email. Realize that you’re paying a productivity price the more often you check it. Curiosity is not a good enough reason to check email. Have a legitimate business reason for checking email as often as you do. See how infrequently you can push it without causing problems. For many people once a day or even once every two days will work just fine.

Once you check email in the morning, promise yourself that you won’t check it again until the end of the day, and set a specific time. I’ll check my email twice today, so I won’t check it again until after 6:00pm. If it’s before that time, I won’t allow myself to check it.

If you get addicted to checking your email too often, you can help break the habit by making it harder to run your email program. Remove the program icon from your desktop and your quick launch bar, so you have to hunt for it on the Start Menu. Or make yourself launch Explorer and navigate to find the icon from there. Adding extra steps can help break the pattern of impulse checking. And if that still doesn’t work, setup your email on a separate PC like a laptop that you must boot up every time you want to check email.

2. Use email only for non-urgent communication.

Don’t turn email into an urgency-driven communication tool. It’s not designed for that. If time is of the essence, then pick up the phone. Now that you can get unlimited long distance for $25/month from companies like Vonage (also check out Skype), there’s no reason to be stingy with the phone.

If you have others pressuring you to check your email more often than once or twice a day, such as people that get frustrated if they don’t get a reply from you within an hour or two, then you need to push back. Let such people know that they should never use email for truly urgent communication with you — if they need a fast reply, they must pick up the phone or visit you in person (if you’re both co-located).

3. Disable email checking on program startup.

Don’t set your email program to auto-check email every time you launch the program. You want to be able to send an email at any time during the day without automatically checking email too. You may often need to send emails during the day as part of various tasks, but you don’t need to check email at those times. Check email only when there’s a legitimate reason for checking.

4. Log your email usage.

Create an email log, and record how often you check email. You can do this with a sheet of paper. Just record the start and stop times whenever you run your email program. Do it for about a week, and see how much time you’re spending on email. Is it worth it? If you’re checking your email more than 20 times a week without a legitimate reason, you’re wasting way too much time. Try giving yourself a daily or weekly email checking quota, and once you hit it, you can’t check your email anymore until the next day/week when your quota resets. Offer yourself a reward like going to see a movie or going out to dinner the first week you come in under quota.

Email is a powerful business and personal communication tool, but it’s easily abused. Why? Because it’s so easy. Checking and answering email is something you know you can do, so it provides an immediate sense of accomplishment. But it’s a hollow victory, and if you spend your days masterfully checking and answering email, you’ll go nowhere and crowd out those actions that could really move you ahead.

Replace frivolous email abuse with purposeful intention. Use it to enhance your productivity instead of to destroy it. Consciously scrutinize the way you use email, decide what legitimate role it will play in your life, and set boundaries to enforce that role.

Source by Steve Pavlina

How to Easily Afford Dental Implants

The way most people ask about how much dental implants cost sound very much the way they would ask how much a car costs and with good reason. As with cars, the cost of which will depend on what type and model of car you require, the cost you pay for implants depends on how many implants you need and why you need them.

On a good day, patients can expect to pay anywhere between the amounts of $1,200 to $3,000, not including any of the fixtures above it or anything else to hold your teeth in. If you’re going to pay for the implant, the piece that goes into it, the crown on top of that and grafting materials, this could set you back about $3,500 to $4,000 for that type of implant. OK, so it is actually closer to purchasing a new car but the thing is, dental implants last longer and well, even if you have the flashiest car around, if you mumble or slur your words because of ill-fitting dentures or bridges, then the car may actually be a better investment.

The good news is, you can actually find dental implants that won’t break the bank. Dental implants that are affordable don’t easily come by but with a lot of patience you may be able to find one at about half of the total cost and maybe even ones for free. All you need to know is where to look.

The first thing you need to do is discuss your options with your dentist. He or she may be able to come up with affordable payment plans or allow you to pay for your implants in installments. He or she may even suggest that you get dental discount cards that they participate in, ones that offer at least 30%-50% on dental procedures and are usually valid for a year.

Another way to afford your dental implants is to shop around for dental insurance policies that cover a substantial part, if not the full price for dental implant procedures. While most dental insurance policies won’t cover dental implants because it is considered cosmetic procedure, it is better to have at least a part of it covered than having to pay for it all when your budget clearly doesn’t allow it even if you need it.

You can also try to browse for cosmetic dental clinics online that offer payment plans for their patients to get dental implants. Find sites that accept Hicaps and most reputable health cards, as well as credit through any financing institutions. Sites that allow you extended payment options ensures you get the treatment when you want it and when you need it without worrying about how to pay for it.

It is also recommended that you take advantage of your benefits package at work if you have any. Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) allow you to contribute money from every pay period before they are taxed, and this is the same money you can use to pay for your dental implants. Combining these with individual or employer-sponsored dental insurance plans could save you hundreds of dollars off getting your implants done.

And lastly, while you may be able to get your dental implants for free and this is by playing guinea pig to dental students who are training to perform such procedures while being supervised by a licensed professional during the entire time, you could be exposing yourself to a lot of risks that could entail greater costs in the long run. Never sacrifice your health and well-being for price because it is not worth it.

Source by Liam A Wills