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Chi Tea Weight Loss Program – Losing Weight, Gaining Health

Many diet formulas are just fads that don’t work. The Chi Tea Weight Loss Program is based on scientifically effective ingredients that help you lose weight and keep it off.

Dieters are always searching for the holy grail of weight loss — a healthy product that melts fat effortlessly. As a result, ads for miracle diet pills and weight loss methods are everywhere. At best, many of the diet formulas that people try are ineffective and disappointing; and at worst, some have major side effects and can cause serious damage to your health. Ephedra, or ma huang, for example, is a stimulant that can cause jittery behavior or even heart trouble. It’s not a true thermogenic, and in fact, it’s dangerous. Unlike other herbal products like ephedra and prescription drugs for obesity, green tea extract does not increase heart rates or raise blood pressure.

The Chi Tea Weight Loss Program is based on clinical evidence and healthy results. The products in the Chi Tea Weight Loss Program have been scientifcally proven to help you lose weight naturally and safely.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in metabolic energy expenditure and a significant effect on fat oxidation. A 4% overall increase in energy expenditure was attributed to the green tea extract. What’s more, the researches found that the extra expenditure occurred during the daytime, which led them to conclude that since thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories) contributes 8-10% of daily energy expenditure in a typical subject, that this 4% overall increase in energy expenditure due to the green tea actually translated to a 35-43% increase in daytime thermogenesis! Chi Tea products harness these impressive thermogenic properties.

So what is the Chi Tea Weight Loss Program? It consists of three fat-burning supplements: Ultimate Green Tea, Ener-Chi Cafe and Ener-Chi Sport.

Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea is a concentrated extract that uses 50 pounds of premium quality green tea leaves per pound of product. This means that drinking 1 cup of Ultimate Green Tea is equal to 12-15 cups of regular teabag green tea! Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea contains more than 95% polyphenol antioxidants and 62% fat-fighting EGCG.

The Ener-Chi collection consists of two natural energy elixirs filled with fatigue-blasting vitamins and herbal extracts. Ener-Chi has a high concentration of green tea and other fat busters like L-Carnitine which help to rapidly melt away stored fat in your hips, thighs and belly. The unique blend of vitamins and herbs in Ener-Chi gives you a sustained mental and physical energy boost without the “jolt and crash” you normally get from drinking coffee or sugary energy drinks.

Ener-Chi comes in two flavors: Ener-Chi Cafe has a delicious natural coffee flavor, and Ener-Chi Sport has a refreshing natural orange flavor.


* 2 glasses of Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea anytime during the day

* 1 Morning Cup of Ener-Chi Café

* 1 Afternoon glass of Ener-Chi Sport

The Chi Tea Weight Loss Program consists of drinking a cup Of Ener Chi Cafe in the morning as a delicious herbal coffee substitute. To prepare, simply squirt 1-2 dropperfuls (according to taste) into a cup of hot water, add dairy or non dairy milk, and enjoy!

Ener-Chi Sport is perfect for later in the afternoon when you’re in need of an energy boost. Simply squirt 1-2 dropperfuls (according to taste) into a glass or bottle of cold water, and you’ve got a refreshing, all-natural energy drink.

The Chi Tea Weight Loss Program is completed daily by drinking two cups of delicious Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea in hot or cold water, or added to your favorite beverage, anytime during the day.

The Chi Tea Weight Loss Program is not just about losing weight — it’s about gaining health. Apart from its amazing antioxidant power, we know that supplementation with green tea can reduce the risk not only for obesity but also for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

The Chi Tea Weight Loss Program is most effective when combined with an overall wellness plan of health-giving foods and physical activity. Clearly, drinking green tea alone is not going to magically shed all of those unwanted pounds. However, combined with a sensible diet and exercise program, you will be thrilled at how quickly the pounds come off.

Are you ready for a safe weight loss program that really works ?

Some helpful suggestions include:

· Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight.

· Set a goal to lose a certain number of pounds in a certain amount of time.

· Strive to eat a sensible diet consisting of healthy foods,

organically grown when possible.

. Maintain a positive attitude.

Visualize the clothes that you would like to wear and the activities that you would like to do when the weight is off.

· Drink 8 glasses of water daily (the teas count).

· Design a daily exercise regimen that is enjoyable and convenient for you, whether it’s hitting the gym, dancing with your kids, taking a long walk with your dog, or stretching and meditating with some private yoga time. If you enjoy doing it, you’ll stick with it.

Source by Renata Lorenc

Keeping Your Screen Room Clean and Healthy

As beautiful as it is, nature is messy. Birds, insects, four-footed critters and even trees like to drop stuff on your screened pool enclosure or outdoor screen room. After all, that’s why you have a screen room, right? – To keep all that stuff outside, where it belongs. So, how do you keep your screen room or pool enclosure free of leaves, debris, and animal droppings?

An Ounce (or More) of Prevention

Take a look at the trees around your screen room. You will want to keep these trimmed back from your screen room as much as possible. At best, trees will drop leaves and lightweight seeds, which will need to be cleaned off (more on this later). Some types of trees are prone to dropping heavy fruit (such as avocadoes, grapefruit, or coconuts) or dead branches. Be vigilant about keeping these trees under control, because a heavy branch can do serious damage to your screen room.

Other plants that can cause damage include vines and vine-like plants such as honeysuckle and Bougainville. If you let these go, they can grow branches right through the screen material.

Keeping the animal kingdom at bay can be more challenging. If birds are congregating on your screen room and making a mess, consider one of these solutions:

Have a plastic horned owl (available at most home and garden stores) installed on top of the enclosure.

Have pigeon guards installed (these are spikes that make it difficult for birds to land).

Install a sprinkler or sprayer with a motion sensor.

Place a large rubber snake (also available at garden centers) on top of the enclosure.

The same solutions can work for other animals, such as lizards and squirrels, but this will vary by species.

Keeping Your Screens Clean

First, a word of caution: Many screen rooms and pool enclosures are tall, and keeping them clean involves ladders. If you are at all uncomfortable with heights or are unsteady on ladders, call a professional.

If leaves, lightweight seeds, or small branches are accumulating on your screen room, you can remove them with a light broom or a leaf blower. Once the debris is removed, wash the screens and frame as follows:

Using water and mild soap (such as dish detergent) and a soft-bristle brush, wash both sides of each screen panel.

You can also wash the aluminum frame with the same soapy water and brush.

Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to rinse the screen panels off.

After rinsing, gently tap the middle of each screen panel to shake the water off.

While you are cleaning your screens, inspect them for damage. Most home centers and hardware stores sell screen repair kits to repair small holes or tears. For more extensive damage, you may need to replace the entire panel. Also look for rusted or missing screws and damaged frame pieces, and repair or replace as needed.


By following these tips, you can avoid expensive repairs, keep the wildlife outside, and keep your outdoor room looking good.

Source by Adam Maxum

Top 3 Super Foods Revealed – Foods That Make Your Penis Bigger

If you are looking to gain some inches and girth, and are seeking a safe and natural way to achieve this, then you have to consider trying these tips I am about to give you on foods that make your penis bigger. Millions of men around the world are unhappy with their size, but are not willing to use silly pumps or pills that are loaded with side effects. Use all natural ways. These are 3 foods that will help you Naturally. if you combine these foods with the penile Enhancement program, you will have great results.

1. Salmon- Eat this food as well Which is a great one of the Foods That Make Your Penis Bigger. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which makes the blood less sticky, therefore it causes the blood flow to your penis to be improved drastically.

2. Bananas- Men who add 2-4 inches to their lengths always have good blood circulation, so eating bananas that by the way are an excellent source of potassium is great and a must do. Potassium is awesome for the heart and blood circulation, therefore a must have if you are trying to grow larger. Eating bananas helps keep sodium amounts in your body low, and that stops your blood pressure from skyrocketing and it also lowers the risk of heart problems.

3. Onions- What this food does for people is that it thins your blood and enhances your circulation, also making it less likely to clot and clog up. Very important if you are trying to move blood to your penis.

These Foods That Make Your Penis Bigger are the top 3 and will help you to gain 2-4 inches if you combine them with Penile Enlargement exercises.

Source by Blaine W.

The Concerns Of The Cat Health Heart Murmur

If a vet listens to the heartbeat of a cat and if they hear any unusual sounds, they may require more tests, but generally, they give the diagnosis of a heart murmur. The vet listens to the heartbeat, heart rhythm and the heart sounds to determine if the heart has any irregularities. The health of the cat determines if any concern for this heart condition exists.

Types of Cat Health Heart Murmurs

Two types are physiological and pathological conditions. The physiological murmur results when a fever or anemia is present. The pathological murmur results when a condition affects the valves and heart muscle of the cat. Researchers conducted tests to find out more information on cat health heart murmurs.

A Boston animal hospital conducted a test on one hundred cats and found that twenty-one percent of the cats had a heart murmur. Out of the twenty-one percent, seven cats were given an echocardiography and six cats actually had a heart problem called hypertrophy cardiomyopathy. The result of the study showed that healthy cats may show signs of a heart murmur, but without proper testing, the outcome and diagnosis is inconclusive.

Heart murmurs are measured by grades. Six different types of grades exist from I to VI with grade VI the most severe and grade I mild. Veterinarians grade the heart murmur, but the murmur graded VI does not make it the worst heart murmur to have in a cat.

Cat Health Heart Murmur Issues

Some kittens are born with heart murmurs that disappear by the time they reach six months. The incidental heart murmur occurs in cats that appear healthy, but they may show signs of weakness and color changes in the skin and tongue. A cat that shows signs of poor health may also experience heart murmurs. The only way to determine if a heart murmur exists is to run tests.

The only way to determine the severalty of a heart murmur is by an ultrasound. If you need to have your cat spayed or neutered, a veterinarian may insist on an x-ray or n ultrasound to determine how severe the heart murmur is before doing the operation. The cat that is born with a heart murmur usually receives a lower grade type, rather than an older cat that develops a heart murmur later in life.

For the most part cat heart murmurs need no type of treatment unless they become severe or cause other health problems. Cats do have potential for congestive heart failure, although rare, this may lead to your vet ordering tests for your cat if it has a heart murmur. If you suspect your cat has a heart murmur, the only thing to do is have an exam to determine the grade of the murmur and then follow the veterinarian’s advice on the care and treatment of your cat. The cat needs a healthy and happy life and only you know your cat’s personality and activities.

Source by Judy Wellsworth

3 Stunning Ways to Turn Any Girl on Instantly – She’ll Literally Be Tearing Your Clothes Off

Do you know that when it comes to girls its not what they actually see but it’s more about what they picture in their mind which really gets them going? This is the reason why it’s often said that when it comes to women their most powerful sexual organ is their mind and in order to turn a girl on you must directly appeal to her mind which would turn her on in a big big way. There are some stunning keys using which you can easily turn any girl on within seconds. Read on to discover what these keys are and achieve the desired results almost instantly……

Make her feel good about herself first- Compliment her on various aspects of her body and at the same time let her know that you feel she is really hot and she can make any guy fall for her within seconds. The more she feels good about herself the more turned on she would start getting.

Tell her she smells good- Now this one can really blast any woman in strong states of arousal where they would struggle not to get turned on. Go a bit closer to her neck and start smelling it. And while you are smelling it slowly whisper to her- “Hmmmm you smell so damn good” and keep on saying this over and over again while you keep smelling her. Within a matter of a few seconds she would get aroused.

Get physical- Now this does not mean just attack her but even a slight touch can really turn her on in a big way especially when you touch the right zones. When touched behind the neck a girl can experience very strong levels of arousal therefore gently take your hand and give her a slight touch behind her neck. Within a few seconds you will have her burning hot with arousal.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

Healthy Business: Jump Into Wellness

Should I jump in or not? If you have been standing by the side of a pool wondering if you should get in or not, you've had this dilemma. Everyone has been on the side while other friends were already enjoying the water and urging you to jump in.

What do they say? They say things like: "The water is warm." Or "It's cold at first, but you get used to it." This is more realistic and accurate. When it comes to wellness, this may be the best way to describe the experience of those already in the water.

Companies that have gotten wellness programs started are seeing the benefits. They are enjoying the programming and the results that come from it. Much like the swimmers, they are comfortable in the water and enjoying themselves now. They are urging their friends to jump in as well. As someone in the water, you would think: "Why would not you jump in?" As a company seeing benefits of a thriving wellness program, you would think the same thing.

The problem is that we all have to start somewhere. When we go to the pool, we have to make the decision to jump in. We have to get over the fear of cold water and jump in. The best part about it is that we know we want to swim. Our friends are doing it and it looks very enjoyable. We know that the water may be cold at first, but we know that we can not just sit on the side in a deck chair until everyone else is ready to go home.

You would not do that in your personal life. Why are businesses doing that when it comes to wellness? If you see companies enjoying the benefits of the programming that you are thinking of implementing, should not it be an easy decision to make? I know there are thoughts that make it more difficult:

– What if we do not see the same benefits?
– What if their culture is different from ours?
– What if the message is received differently?
– What if …

There are many "what ifs" when it comes to wellness. You can spend the whole year thinking about what might go wrong or might be difficult. But if you are on the side of a pool and your friends are enjoying the water having a great time, would you really disagree with them and assume that the water will not feel good for you or that you will not have as much fun As they are having? Of course not! You would jump right in and take part in the fun.

You have options

When it comes to starting up a wellness program, you have choices. You can start where and how you want to. Use your comfort level as a guide to tell you what the best place to start will be. Just like the pool, you can enter at any point in the pool that you feel comfortable. You can dive into the deep end or you can ease in on the side. You can even walk down the steps in the shallow end. It does not matter where or how quickly you jump in. But if you do not get in, you will not have any fun.

In wellness, if you do not get started, you will not see any results. Companies with experience will tell you the same thing. Sure, there were some unknowns. Sure we had to work through a few "what ifs". We decided what the first step was going to be and went for it. A company that recently reflected on their past year of wellness programming said this:

"We were not sure about what to do or how it was going to turn out, but once we got moving, we started to see what worked, what did not work and what we needed to do next. We went along. "

Does that sound familiar? "The water is warm." "It's cold at first, but you get used to it." They had to adjust, but once they did, the program was up and running and they were comfortable with the changes. Just like our swimmers got used to the water, our wellness champions got used to making wellness a priority and reaching their goals as a team.

It's not as complicated as you think it is. We've all psyched ourselves out of something because we sat and thought about it for too long. The longer you stand on the high-dive, the harder it is to jump off. You start to realize how high you are and what might happen if you jump. Pretty soon, you are too scared and you simply take the easiest way down, which is back down the ladder.

In wellness, we do not recommend even walking up the ladder to the high-dive until you are comfortable in your abilities to use the lower boards. Better yet, let's just swim for a while and get a good feel for the water and enjoy some fun there. If that is your expectation going in, you are setting yourself up for success.

That is what it brings down to. Set your company up for success by focusing on the results you want and the simplest possible actions you can take to get there. In the pool, the quickest way to start having fun is to jump right in. In wellness the quickest way to start seeing results is to start taking action. For results in wellness, you have to jump in.

Source by Joseph R. Byrd

How to Cook Chicken Legs on the Grill

Grilled chicken legs are not only a delicious summer meal, but they are also economic as legends are one of the cheapest parts of the chicken. Just because they are cheap, does not mean they have to lack in flavor. Actually, the dark meat of poultry has more flavor as it contains more fat.

One of the biggest problems grilling enthusiasts face however is with cooking times and temperatures. One of the most frequently asked questions is: how long do you grill chicken legs?

It really is not possible to give an exact answer to this question as it really depends on the type of grill you are using, the grilling method and how big the chicken legs are.

It really is an excellent idea to invest in a good quality cooking thermometer. I personally own a voice alert electronic thermometer. It really is a fantastic little cooking gadget and I would be lost without it. It is extremely accurate and eliminates all guessing, and guessing is not an option when cooking meat, especially chicken.


Boil the Chicken Legs First

The goal with this method is to cook the meat all the way through before it goes on the grill. This greatly reduces the risk of any food born illnesses and also cuts down the grilling time significantly. The downside to this method is a serious lack of flavor. Since you will be cooking the meat on the grill for a much shorter period of time, the meat will not have a chance to pick up that delicious grilled flavor.

Marinate Then Grill

Marinating your chicken legs first is always a good idea. Not only does it give your food a fantastic flavor, but it also keeps the meat moist during the cooking process. For the best results, marinate the chicken over night. Below is an excellent marinade that I use often and it is quite versatile. It works well with seafood like shrimp and scallops as well.

Citrus Herb Marinade


4 Chicken Legs

1/4 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 1/2 Tablespoons of Fresh Lemon Juice

1 1/2 Tablespoons Fresh Orange Juice

1/3 Cup of Freshly Chopped Parsley

1/3 Cup Freshly Chopped Cilantro

2 Cloves of Garlic Minced

1 Teaspoon of Salt

1/4 Teaspoon of Freshly Cracked Black Pepper


In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients except the chicken legs. Add chicken to the bowl with the marinade and toss to coat. Refrigerate for several hours, over night if possible.

Let's Start Grilling!

I have found that the best method for cooking chicken legs on the grill is to first sear the meat and then finish the cooking process over indirect heat. The result is a nice moist chicken leg with a delightfully crispy skin.

Step 1: Remove chicken from marinade and rinse. This is to remove any ingredients from the marinade that are stuck to the chicken. If left on, this can burn. Coat the chicken with some oil to prevent it from sticking to the grill.

Step 2: Clean the grill. The best method for cleaning a grill is to turn the grill up high and allow the heat to burn off any grease and grime. Use your grill brush to scrape the grates clean. For charcoal grills, just light up the charcoal and allow the fire to heat up the grains and scrape the grains clean.

Step 3: Heat the Grill. We are going to set up our grill for the searing / indirect cooking method. For gas grills, this is pretty easy. All you do is turn one burner up high and leave the others off. For charcoal grills, it is a little more involved, but not rocket science. All you do once your charcoal is ready, is push all of your charcoal over to one side leaving half of the grill without charcoal. The side with charcoal is for searing and the other side is for the indirect cooking.

Step 4: Begin Cooking. Once your grill is good and hot, go ahead and put your chicken legs on the hot part of the grill and sear on all sides. Only sear your legs for a few minutes per side. You are looking for a nice sear, so avoid burning the skin. After you sear them, go ahead and move them on over to the cool side of the grill and cover.

Let them cook for a good 20 minutes and then get out your baking sauce. If you used the citrus herb marinade from above, try and find a thick baking sauce that compliments the citrus flavors. Baste the legs on all sides and then cover. After another 20 minutes or so, using your thermometer, go ahead and check to see if the legs are done. You are looking for an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the legs are done, if they are not as crispy as you like, put them on the hot side of the grill again for a few minutes before removing them from the grill.


Source by Ralph Serpe

How to Incorporate Tasty, Inexpensive Salmon Into Your Bagged Lunch

In these times of economic hardship, Americans are looking to cut back on unnecessary expenses to try to keep their budgets in check. For many, what used to be common lunch trips to restaurants now seem like expensive luxuries, and are being cast aside along with shopping for new wardrobes and fancy cell phone upgrades. But for those who are used to eating out a few times a week, especially during the workday, the austerity and repetitiveness of the bagged lunch can be a bummer. The endless alternation of ham and cheddar and tuna and mayo can drive one insane.

But instead of giving up and blowing your budget, you can find ways to spice up your bagged lunch routine by incorporating pink and red Alaska canned salmon in place of your standard deli meats and canned tuna.

While most Americans eat canned tuna, and have at least heard of canned sardines, fewer have used pink and red Alaska canned salmon, and this lack of familiarity can cause hesitation when you see the unknown tins on the supermarket shelf. But fear not, this convenient product is made from the freshest, most delicious wild Alaska salmon and can be used in a number of standard sandwiches and recipes. Here are some ideas for how to salmon into your bagged lunch today:

1. The salmon melt

Just like tuna, pink and red Alaska canned salmon tastes great in a sandwich. You can mix it with mayo, yogurt, oil, or vinegar, depending on taste and diet requirements. But remember that salmon has a very strong, distinct taste, so you might want to consider a milder cheese to pair with this fish, such as provolone or mild cheddar.

2. On top of a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and goat’s cheese.

One of the major pluses of including pink and red Alaska canned salmon into your diet is the health benefits. As an oily fish, salmon provides a power-punch of omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to promote heart health and protect against strokes and degenerative mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. But you can easily counteract some of the health benefits if you drown the fish in mayo and cheese. So consider putting it on a fresh salad instead.

Source by Allie Moxley

Can Chocolate Affect Your Sex Life?

From the time the first coca beans were harvested by the Mayans, there has been the belief that chocolate has a euphoric impact on the body’s senses. The conquistadores saw the Emperor Montezuma of the Aztecs consuming a large quantity of cocoa in the form of a beverage called chocolatl before entering his harem. The invading Spaniards spread the Emperor’s belief that cocoa was an aphrodisiac and brought it to Europe. This belief was also shared by one of history’s most famous lovers, Giacomo Casanova.

Since then, the use of chocolate as part of the mating ritual has been firmly established.. More recently it has been shown that not only does chocolate increase the sexual appetite but also produces a sense of elation similar to an orgasm.

It has only been in recent times that scientists have unravelled chocolate’s psychotropic properties and the effects it has on us. Chocolate has been found to contain modest amounts of the stimulants caffeine and theo-bromine, (much less than in coffee or tea) Chocolate is also known to generate increased levels of serotonin, a chemical naturally produced by the brain, which is known to reduce anxiety. Serotonin is most commonly associated with the effects of marijuana or getting ‘stoned’ (you would have to eat 25lbs of dark chocolate at once to achieve the same effect).

Neither of these properties by themselves provides the connection between eating chocolates and heightened sexual pleasure. It is in fact the rush of endorphins produced by eating chocolates, particularly dark chocolates, which is most similar to the bliss associated with a healthy sexual relationship. Chocolate also contains phenyl-ethylamine which is known to stimulate the release of dopamine into the pleasure centers commonly associated with an orgasm.

In addition to this scientific evidence, a great deal of behavioral research has been done to study the sexual behavior of women who eat a lot of chocolate and those who don’t. The conclusion of this is that women who consume large quantities of chocolate have more satisfying sex lives. However the reverse correlation could also be assumed where women with satisfying sex lives tend to eat more chocolate.

Despite the fact that the relationship between sex and chocolate can’t be proven with 100% certainty, the scientific evidence combined with behavioral studies provides a compelling argument for cocoa’s impact on our sexual drive – it is convincing enough for chocolate to have become a part of my daily diet!

I recommend that you buy chocolate with a high cocoa content which taste better and do not contain extra sugars and oils like candy bars found in most shops. My personal favorite is dark Belgian chocolate, with a high cocoa content and a resulting surfeit of pleasure. To paraphrase the Song of Solomon, ‘Stay me with flagons and comfort me with chocolates, for I am sick with love’.

Source by Shaka Zulu

4 Types Of Manicures And Pedicures

We also need to take care of our nails as much as we take care of our skin and hair. Every time you feel like pampering yourself, check out your nails if they too need a much-needed manicure or pedicure. Remember that getting a manicure and pedicure does not only mean to make it look prettier. During a manicure or pedicure, your nails are being treated so that lost supplements are replenished. When you get a foot or hand massage after a manicure or pedicure, you also make sure that your hands and feet are rejuvenated. There are 4 types of manicures and pedicures and these are the following:

1. Regular manicure and pedicure – you can call these the basic treatment. It involves soaking your hands and feet in soapy water. This process helps soften dead cells so it can easily be removed. Afterwhich, your nails will be clipped and your feet and sole will be scrubbed. The nail technician will also apply the nail polish that you like. Then, a short hand or foot massage will be performed. If you don’t like to use nail polish, you can go for a more natural look by opting for nail buffing.

2. French manicure or French pedicure – this is the most common and perhaps the most popular type of manicure treatment especially among women. It’s classic, elegant, simple, clean and chic and perhaps this is the reason for its popularity. A French manicure or French pedicure involves application of neutral translucent colored nail polish and then white tips.

You have the freedom to choose the shape of your nails. Oval, square or round, the choice is yours. When the process is done, your hands and feet will be moisturized to maintain its health. Usually, a nice and quick massage will also be included in the treatment.

3. Nail spa – this process is usually longer and more costly compared to other manicure and pedicure treatments. Your fingers and toe nails get special treatments and it’s usually a relaxing process. Depending on the salon, there are special ingredients added to this treatment just to make them more unique and special than the other salons.

Of course, regular mani and pedi treatment is included in this special spa treatment. Aside from these, you may also enjoy a short reflexology massage. Other salons also include a hydrating treatment to maintain and rejuvenate your nails, cuticles and skin.

4. Paraffin – this is a waxy substance that is used to hydrate the skin. It’s an alkaline substance that is wrapped the feet and the hands so that it can thoroughly seep in through the skin. Aside from this treatment, a regular mani and pedi are also included in the treatment.

Source by Peter Q Smith