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How to Know If a Woman’s Attracted: The 5 Signals

Maybe she’s that waitress at the local café. Or maybe she’s a coworker or classmate or even the friend you’ve always secretly had a crush on. Regardless who she is, if you like her, then you want to know if the feeling’s mutual.

Lucky for you, all women give off signals when they’re attracted. Most guys never pick up on these signals. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could easily overlook these secret signals, as well. And you probably already have. You have probably let countless women slip through your fingers in the past because you failed to see the signals.

But you’re never going to make that mistake again. By learning the 5 most common-but least understood-signals of female attraction, you are prepared to get the girl. Just look for 1 of these 5 signals, and then make your move. It’s as simple as that!

1.) She says your name a lot in conversation

If you find a woman saying your name in conversation, there’s a good possibility she has feelings for you. When someone has feelings for another person, the sound of that person’s name gives them a little emotional rush. (Just think of children in the schoolyard writing their crush’s name in their notebooks!) While adults don’t skip around the playground and chant their crush’s name, they do unconsciously say it whenever they can. So if she says your name a lot, there’s a good chance she’s attracted to you.

2.) She fidgets with her hair

When a woman plays with her hair, it often means she’s turned on. It’s a grooming reflex: primate females groom themselves for males before mating. (If you want proof, just go to your local zoo!) Thus, if you catch a woman stroking her hair as she talks to you, it means you’re probably arousing her interests.

3.) She breaks eye contact first

Poets say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, her eyes are also a window into her feelings. It’s a well known fact that eye contact signifies confidence. And confidence is nothing more than comfort in one’s status. So, for example, if you were training some new entry level employees at your job, then you’d probably feel very confident in holding strong eye with all of them. If, however, you were having a business with your boss’ boss, then you probably wouldn’t feel as comfortable maintaining strong eye contact (since your boss’ boss has higher status). Likewise, if you notice a woman continually breaking eye contact first, she’s probably nervous with attraction for you.

4.) She gets carried away with emotion sometimes around you

A major misconception most guys have of women is that they need to “like” you to feel attraction. Just think of all the bad boys who do amazing with women! Now, you don’t need to become a “bad boy” just to attract women; however, you shouldn’t be discouraged is a woman isn’t always in a peachy mood around you. In fact, it’s better if she’s not! A woman would never waste her emotions on a guy she didn’t like. So if she sometimes gets frustrated with you or even angry at you, it’s a good thing.

5.) She speaks in the future tense about you

Here’s a very subtle-but very powerful-attraction signal that women give off. If a woman’s interested in you, she’ll make comments about seeing you in the future. It’s important to note that none of these signals will be overt; instead, they’ll be little offhanded comments like, “Are you going to x, y, z event next week?” If a woman is asking such questions, it’s a telltale sign that you’re on her mind.

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Eating Healthy

In today's fast paced society it's difficult for us not to stop somewhere for a fast meal or a quick refresh. We often ignore the Nutrition Facts panel on the packaging of the food which we just purchased because most of the time we are driving as we are consuming the product. What we miss by not looking over those important numbers is both shocking and repulsive.

Whether we are at home or grabbing something fast to eat on the way to work, many of us tend to overlook those nutrition statistics. What we usually miss by overlooking the Nutrition Panel are extremely high calorie, saturated fat, and sodium numbers. All of these numbers have a tremendous effect on our health. It is a well known fact that a diet high in saturated fat and high in sodium can lead to numerous health problems. So how can we avoid the dangers of these foods? Well, the answer is simple, by looking at the Nutrition Facts panel.

Remember that everything you purchase has to have the Nutrition Facts so you never have to guess as to what you are buying. Most people who take the time to look over the nutrition panel simply look over the calories and the grams of scheduled fat. While that is important, you also want to make sure that you look at the amount of sodium in the product. Sodium is often overlooked even though it's an important factor in determining the product's nutritious values. Too much salt in your diet is very unhealthy; therefore, you should always look at the sodium levels especially if you are eating something canned or frozen. Many companies today are striving to create more sodium-free products. So as long as you are willing to eat healthy, there are many healthy alternatives available today. Just do not hesitate to look over the Nutrition Facts panel before you purchase the product.

Source by Lauren S Johnson

Deadly School Lunches?

I'm beginning to realize how we all are being duped every day!

If you've seen the clever commercials that the Dairy Industry has promoted, then you've probably chuckled over the fun and relaxing lifestyle that dairy cows lead. When they are not grazing and gossiping in a field of flowers, they're flirting with the bulls in an adjoining field, or playing jokes on the unsuspecting farmer by ringing his doorbell and giggling about it. Though none in their right mind really believes that dairy cows have that much fun, few of us are aware of the horrible conditions that the majority of dairy cows exist in during their specifically-shortened lives.

Perhaps you remember the previous series of advertisements that the dairy industry promoted everywhere, including magazines and billboards, showing celebrities wearing 'milk moustaches'. The message was that famous people drink milk cause it's "so good for you".

The dairy industry continues their expensive and effective campaigns to make us think that they have our best interests and health as motivation for everything they do. They tell us they want our children to be healthy, with strong teeth and bones. Buy their products because they are good for you and your loved ones. BAH! I've learned the truth and my stomach is churning because of it. I am so horrified that it's difficult to write this post!

The news for the last several days is all about the massive recall of 143 MILLION POUNDS of meat processed through the Westland / Hallmark Meat Packing Slaughterplant in Chino, California. This meat was dispersed throughout the United States as part of the National School Lunch Program in 36 states, with 40 million pounds dispersed to needy families and the elderly. So 143 million pounds of meat has been recalled. But only a small percentage can actually BE recalled – because it's already been eaten.

Should we be worried? And why was the meat recalled in the first place?

The Humane Society filmed an undercover investigation on the slaughterhouse from which the millions of pounds of meat has been recalled. The HSUS documented that even though the slaughterhouse has onsite USDA inspectors, so-called 'downer cows', which are banned for use in the food supply , are routinely tortured into joining the assembly line of animals to be butchered. These cows, who are too sick to stand or walk under their own power are dragged, forklifted or otherwise tortured into the slaughter.

"So what", you may say. "They're going to die anyway." But even if you do not believe in humane treatment for animals, think about the danger involved in including downed animals in the food supply. Remember, this meat is going into our children's school lunches, and to feed the needy and the elderly.

  • Downer cows routinely lie in their own feces, unable to move away. That feces is a source of e-coli, which is DEADLY to humans.
  • The risk for spreading disease that may have sickened and weakened that cow is increased by adding the meat to the food chain.
  • Probably most important, and the main reason downer cows are supposed to be banned from slaughter for food: This unacceptable cruelty potentially puts the food supply at risk-at least 12 of the 15 identified cases of mad cow disease in North America to date have reportedly been downers!

Well, I was already 'spitting mad' over this reckless disregard for the health of our school children and the elderly, then I discovered more information that made me determined to have my say.

FIRST: The USDA has now decided that they will check to see "if it happened" . They are not going to admit that their inspectors were a party to this. Thank goodness for video documentation!

SECOND: When the Cattlemans Beef Association was asked about the issue they said:

  • "This is not indicative of how most slaughterhouses operate"
  • "The welfare of our animals is the heart and soul of our operations."

Puhleeze !!

The USDA is trying to keep everyone from panicking by saying that there is "probably" no problem with the meat. But then, they had to say that, would not they? And to think of the waste when people go to bed hungry just because greed has made this meat risky.

Now that we've discovered how greed and lack of concern for our school children and the older motivates the operation of these big factory farms and slaughterhouses, maybe it's time to investigate more.

  • How many downer cows are introduced into our food supply nationwide? You will not convince me that only one slaughterhouse did this.
  • Could all the hormones forced into dairy cows be affecting the behavior we see occurring in more and more students? Now we know that those hormone-fed dairy cows are being slaughtered for meat, so that's two sources for artificial hormones – meat and milk.

Take some time to investigate further.

What parents need to know about the Dairy Industry's effect on our children's health explains how factory farming methods are employed in the dairy industry. Granted, it's written from an animal rights perspective, but it gives us a good idea of ​​what the impact is on humans also. Remember, spacious dairy cows also make up a large percentage of our meat supply. This is just one more thing that parents need to know about the dairy industry's effect on our children's health.

Are not you tired of greedy people putting you and your family's health at risk so they can line their pockets? Are you going to believe those clever ads now, or are you going to understand the truth?

Help to get the word out. Share this information with everyone you care about.

Source by Brennan Kingsland

Six Precepts to a Healthy Lifestyle

The buzz around healthy lifestyle is reaching gigantic proportions in the present century. With stress levels bursting high, leading a fit and healthy life tops the priority list of everyone. Workouts, exercise, meditation or yoga are definitely helpful but should be effectively combined with a balanced diet. Intake of nutritious food is a must so as to ward off any nutritional deficiency. Beside, one also has to be selective about the kinds of food to be consumed. Given below are some essential prerequisites to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

a) Drink plenty of water: Since the human body is composed of around 80% of water, it needs to be replenished by this fluid regularly. Drinking at least 16 glasses of water a day not only removes toxins off the body but also keeps it hydrated. Beside, drinking adequate water is a natural way to keep your skin glowing.

b) Avoid junk and processed foods: It's no news that processed and junk foods are a great obstacle to acquiring a healthy body. Processed foods lose their nutrients during the refining process. On the other hand, junk food offers no more than mere starches and unhealthy fats. Processed foods also contain chemicals for improving their texture, smell, flavor, as well as preservation. These foods do taste great but are in no way useful to the body. In fact, research suggests that consumption of processed foods contribute immensely to the ever-increasing obesity rate among the people.

c) Check animal protein consumption: Around 80% of the world population love to consume non-vegetarian food. But excessive intake of animal proteins increases uric acid concentration in the blood, thus causing damage to the kidneys. Instead, one can supplement animal proteins with plant and milk proteins. The best way to limit animal protein intake is to consume it just twice or thrice a week. This would ensure an effective balance of dietary amino acids in the body.

d) Consume healthy carbohydrates and fats: Refined starches like white flour or white rice offer no nutritive benefit to the body. Healthy source of carbohydrates reflects to the fresh fruits and vegetables like mangoes, apples, grapes, potatoes, etc. These not only contain healthy starches but are also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Similarly, avoiding saturated fat is equally important. Our body loves poly unsaturated fats which can be easily derived from nuts, seeds, vegetables, as well as fishes like salmon and tuna.

e) Dietary Supplements: Intake of food- based dietary supplements is definitely helpful but one has to make sure that they are of standard quality. It should be remembered that dietary supplements should be taken along with your daily diet so as to waive any deficiency in your diet. Never try to substitute your regular meals with supplements.

f) Include whole foods in your daily diet: Whole foods do not mean that they need to be consumed all at once. These foods can be consumed in their raw or natural form as cooking can result in the loss of essential nutrients. Adding fresh cut fruits to your daily meal is a great way to consume the benefits of whole foods.
The above-mentioned tips are simple and easy to follow. Just try to see how they work wonders to escort you on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

The above-mentioned tips are simple and easy to follow. Just try to see how they work wonders to escort you on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

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Keeping Skin Healthy Is Crucial In Cradle Cap

Child's health is something, which can not be compromised. Parents are very cautious about healthy upbringing of their baby. Everything they feed the child to the clothes, each thing is noticed for hygiene. The health of the baby is a delicate issue and needs adequate care. Minor health issues like cradle cap can be remedied using parental care only. Parents of the baby must seek medical supervision in several cases of the skin condition. Products made for soft skin must only be used during this condition.

This skin condition occurs due to improper functioning of sebaceous glands. Excessive sebum flows and accumulates over the baby skin. Cradle cap occurs atop the head of the child and the areas where concentration of sebaceous glands is more. The sebum dries up and takes the form of scales, which appear crusty, oily and greasy. Although the skin condition starts with a reddish appearance of skin but later takes a patchy shape. The infant's skin has to be cared all through to this infantile seborrheic dermatitis heals.

The cradle cap mostly occurs in the infant months of a child and it is a neonatal disease, which takes time to heal. Although it is harmless for the baby but definitely needs rigorous care to avoid any deterioration of skin. Parents must adopt the use of products soft on infant skin. Application of baby oil to patchy and affected area is helpful when allowed to soak. This procedure loosens the scales, which can be removed while rinsing with shampoo. Brush toddler's scalp with soft bristles, which will remove scales.

The baby will feel relieved with repeated procedure and the skin health will be maintained. The use of health advice and baby products from experts can be used in cradle cap. Internet is a helpful and can be used to source such products.

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Healthy Meals on a Budget

If you find yourself in the position of having to come up with meal ideas that will be both healthy and stay within a strict budget, you are not alone. But you can rest assured that it can be done, and with some helpful tips and a little practice, you can do it too.

Healthy Meals on a Budget should meet the following requirements:

1. Adequate depths of all the groups.

2. Low in refined carbs (ie white flour)

3. High in whole grains

4. Tasty and interesting

5. Easy to follow plan

If a budget plan is too difficult or stressful to follow, it will fail. Get your family involved and get their support. They may come up with some ideas that will pleasantly surprise you.

Where to start:

Determine where your food dollars have been going. How much money do you spend picking up fast food on the way home? How much money do you spend buying breakfast every morning on the way to work? How much money do you spend buying ready-made luxury items like pre-cooked meatloaf? Add it all up.

You may be surprised how much money a little bit of planning ahead could save you. Get family members to take turns making breakfast for everyone in the morning. Or try making muffins on the weekend and freeze. Microwave in the morning and presto!

Cook up a few meatloaves, and a few other family favorites on one day and freeze to use as emergency dinners another day.

Stretching Money:

When cooking a meal, base everything around a healthy, inexpensive food item. Here are some examples:

* Barley soup with vegetables and beef

* Brown rice with stir-fry vegetables (add an egg into the stir-fry if desired)

* Split pea soup with carrots and ham

* Baked potatoes with some toppings (sour cream, bacon, cheese etc.)

Serve lots of the base item, accompanied by enough of the add-ins to balance out the meal and keep everyone happy.

Source by Peggy Hurd

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Treadmill Deck Info: Treadmill Decks Materials and Warranty

Treadmill deck is the material that forms the hard surface on which you run. In other words it’s the supportive surface. This article distinguishes the decking from the tread belt which is the belt that moves across the decking.


Treadmill manufacturers don’t provide a great deal of information about the actual construction materials of their decks. These days most treadmills, especially if priced above $1,000 are constructed with decently strong tread decks (usually medium density fibreboard with a duo phenolic coating – all discussed in detail below).

However, strength isn’t the be all and end all. If strength were most important, more treadmill manufacturers would use metal. Metal is used, but not extensively.

What are decking construction objectives?

Like I said above, if strength was the only objective, metal or steel decks would rule the day. But strength isn’t the only objective. Quality decking should:

  • Be strong
  • Be durable
  • Have some elasticity (i.e. slightly flexible, but not bouncy)
  • Minimize noise (i.e. muffle noise if possible)
  • Have a smooth surface to minimize tread belt friction

What materials are used?

Often you’ll see reference to solid wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), and metal as materials used for treadmill decks. For coating you’ll usually read about phenolic coating. The article explains these different materials.


1. Medium density fibreboard (MDF)

MDF is created by breaking down wood into fibres (sawdust) and then forming the fibres into a solid treadmill deck with wax and resin. The usual thickness is 3/4″ to 1″. You can read more about MDF here.

MDF is the predominant material used for treadmill decks.

2. Solid wood

The deck is made out of 3/4″ to 1″ solid wood. The trouble with solid wood is it’s hard to find a piece of wood that is perfect. MDF, although not perfect either, ensures a consistency that’s hard to find with solid wood.

Particle board: Particle board is no the same as MDF. Particle board is not fibre-based. It’s a solid wood composite product. The result is that particle board is much weaker than MDF. MDF is denser and stronger.

Avoid treadmills with decks using particle board. You’ll be lucky to get a year out of it.

3. Metal

Metal decks are not nearly as prevalent as solid wood or MDF decks. It’s heavier and doesn’t create as “soft” of a surface as wood or MDF. Running on metal or steel simply isn’t as enjoyable as on solid wood or MDF.

What material do I recommend?

MDF deck that is duo or triple coated with phenolic resin coating.

The coating

Some treadmills are coated on both sides (duo-coating, sometimes also referred to as triple-coating), while lower-quality treadmills coat only 1 side of a treadmill deck. The better deck is coated on both sides which helps reduce warping. It’s also better for reducing friction with the tread deck along the entire surface area on which the tread belt moves.

Best material used for coating:

Phenolic: This is the best coating material. You’ll pay more for phenolic coating, but it’s worth it.

What is phenolic resin coating?

Phenolic resin coating is a plastic resin. When a treadmill deck is coated with phenolic resin, wax the wood deck is unnecessary.

Can you build your own if your original deck breaks?

Yes, but it’s not advisable unless you really know what you’re doing. Simply slamming in a sheet of plywood or MDF isn’t going to do it. There’s properly coating the deck and ensuring it securely attaches to the treadmill.

The last thing you want is your deck to break apart when running or walking.

This is why having a lifetime warranty on your treadmill deck is important. Decks often break or crack (especially with lower-priced treadmills).

Decking Considerations

Replacement frequency

The range in the number of hours of use treadmill decks are good for is astounding. Some lower-end treadmill decks are designed for 500 hours, while other warranty their decks for life. Naturally the intensity of use and weight of users will impact the duration of a treadmill deck.

Is it reversible?

Some treadmill manufacturers make reversible tread decks so that you can get more mileage out of them.

Is reversible good?

It depends. Some manufacturers make treadmill decks that are warrantied for a lifetime without having to reverse them. Others don’t come with a lifetime warranty and can’t be reversed. These may have the shortest lifespan. Then there are treadmills with reversible decks which in theory doubles the lifespan of the treadmill deck.

The warranty

Ideally, the treadmill you buy will have a lifetime warranty on the deck. This is indicative the manufacturer stands behind the deck and in the event the deck fails, you get a replacement.

Cushioning technology

Cushioning technology is pretty cool these days. Treadmill cushioning technology includes the amount of, type of, and quality of the treadmill cushioning.

Source by Steven J. Bancroft